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He had a lot of fun at the at the Oakland is great. Moot meet us. And there is at Drake's which is the only drawback I can't believe the food they cook that place all my God is just so inedible. Really FRY everything has to be French fries. French fries with this on it. Fresh fresh data on NACHOS her French fries. Nar Sti good good. Well I mean just listen to these people. I mean who doesn't want to be a part of that. I wanted to be there. The couple of I WANNA be all of them. It'd be great if played little spot. The spook yes. Ask for your data points. Steven Spielberg has pulled out of the new Indiana Jones. Movie which is supposed to start filming this summer. Stephen Bill Burr pulled out of the French Academy Awards after Polanski wanted. I mean play. This polaski causes stir clip interesting. I had a different take on it but good. They're announed French film awards. This is ours held or forty fifth ceremony on Friday evening but they took a dramatic turn when convicted child rapist. Roman Polanski won the award for best director actress. Adelle and L. A. Figurehead of Francis. Metoo movement stormed out of the hall shouting shame while she was followed by a few others. A couple hundred. Protesters rallied outside the venue. Before the event started calling out the choice to celebrate Polanski's work one activist said that supporting the director's work stopped victims from coming forward. Polinsky said this was a public lynching but he was convicted of raping a thirteen year. Old Girl in the US in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. He pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and fled the country on the eve of his sentencing. He's faced multiple accusations of rape. Since then this is the fifth time. Polanski has won best director at this as ours but this time the academy resigned on mass two weeks ago the whole board. If the awards stepped down a general meeting will soon be held to elect a new board which the academy says will work to implement reforms in modernization. Oh this is interesting because it plays into what I was going to inform you of is that Spielberg pulling out of the new Indiana Jones. Movies big deal moreover because it is a Disney film and so we have apparently some very old audio and video tapes of casting that Spielberg was doing asking very inappropriate questions of child actors. Remember Bob Eiger just resigned from Disney's a lot of pedo stuff circling around some smells bad. I don't know I don't know but I I know a lot of people like he's not going to direct that you more gems like that. Jam Jams. Night IS PRETTY COOL. We can we can. We can go right now. You've got to get out of the way. These are short okay. L. Let's play the space. X rocket blows up so we know that happened. Hey spectacular explosion of a SPACEX rocket the starship super rocket blew up late Friday night during a test near Brownsville. Texas the rocket designed to theory cruise to the moon and Mars was destroyed. The blast could be heard and felt for miles around. I heard it. I heard it. The ground shook really no. I didn't even know it. S I don't care example of Lousy reporting okay. I'm only Joe. Chater the trader J. P. E. LAUSD reporting trader. Joe Has died. Joe Colom was eighty-nine. He opened his first Quirky Grocery store in Pasadena California fifty three years ago now. There are more than five hundred trader. Joe's in over forty states. They don't want to mention. This is actually now owned by the German. Grocery store chain yes. It's all the Aldy but they don't mention that because it's not trader. Joe's I hate the fact the way I understood the story. Is that the two there brothers. In the end they're gonNA take over The the supermarket business in the United States but then The one brother didn't WANNA sell tobacco products so then he bought trader Joe's because he didn't want to be a part of the all D- selling tobacco but yeah yeah they had. They had a tiff. This whole trader. Joe Was a Hashtag are traded. You love your place man. Has it had anything to do with own? Well Oh well twitter. The story on another underplayed story that nobody's talking about but is is a jam. Because you know I think if it wasn't for for Corona viruses would have been played up a little bit. China Olympic doping scandal like the Russians. Oh Boy China's three time Olympic gold medalist Sun Yang expressed his shock of being handed. An eight ban on Friday for dope test violation the rule. Tim Out of the Tokyo Games said he would immediately appeal the decision the Court of Arbitration for Sport early accepted an appeal from the world. Anti Doping Agency against indecision swimming's governing body to clear son of wrongdoing for his conduct during a two thousand eighteen test. Cast said the ban was imposed because the twenty eight year old already had an early anti-doping rule violation against him. Some expresses anger at the decision. Saying in a statement. I firmly believe in my innocence. Belief that facts must overcome lies. The Chinese swimmer is the reigning World Olympic champion in two hundred meters freestyle and won two gold medals in two thousand twelve and another in two thousand sixteen but is also a controversial figure in the sport at the Rio Games. Australian rival. Mac. Horton accused him of being a drug teat and refused to share a podium with Sun At Large Swell Championship whilst the appeal hung him as did British. Women Duncan Scott. He wants two hundred meters freestyle. Bronze Cast ruled that sons world championship results should remain because he passed debut control before and after the twenty eighteen tests when his entourage smashed vials containing blood samples taken out of competition. The Chinese Swimming Association said it deeply regretted rolling and support a son in defending his interest. You know I'm sure. This is not being reported Chinese own so much media I mean. Do you know that they own fifteen percent of read it? No but why am I not surprised? Yeah well that explains every that's explain why they're getting rid of the trump forums or whatever the donald or whatever it is it explains what is. Dick on our read. It is Chinese. Who hate us? Think Brill maybe. It wouldn't surprise me last story. I WANNA play as the new trump has gone back to Radcliffe irs as head of the deny deny deny department. National Tellers. Whatever it's called and of course they're making a story out of fuss about it every the mainstream media because they don't like trump picks the guys no good list this player so he can catch up. Yeah I'm just not sure I'll haunt show. That's what I wanted. The president trump to praise John Radcliffe his pick once again to be the nation's top spy. All right the guy he he cut out because it was there were coming up with some oppo research on him that he had inflated his academic career or something. I eat but at some bullshit or something. That wasn't necessary. Took some time to go erase the problem. Catherine Herridge A. Report a controversial choice to lead the nations seventeen intelligence agencies in his first television interview since the announcement. Texas Congressman Republican. John Ratcliffe push back against charges. He's not qualified to lead the intelligence agencies handling national security issues as far back as two thousand five but critics say you've never held a job in the intelligence community. I think what we've seen. Is that some of our most experienced. Intelligence officials have gotten the wrong with respect to important issues. I want you to respond to critics who say president trump puts loyalty ahead of experience my experience as a US attorney on national security issues as a legislator almost exclusively in these areas that was important him. Loyalty what we've talked about is my loyalty to. The constitution was a passionate defender of the president during the Russia. Probe more recently impeachment. He was among the first to fly. Irregularities in the surveillance of trump campaign aide. I've had a very public role and I've demonstrated that I've been right on some of these most important issues. Rank live was tap last summer for the job but it was withdrawn after allegations. He padded his resume. What's changed my reconsidered. Because the president asked me and I think when the president asks you to do something for your country you look at that just because someone in your business accuses. You doesn't make it true. The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff called him unqualified. Can you get through the confirmation process? I think that I'll have the support of all Republicans at the end of the day. I'm going to work hard to convince at least some of my democratic colleagues on the other side of the Aisle Congressman Radcliffe tells CBS News. He expects the confirmation process to move quickly if confirmed Radcliffe said one priority is ensuring. The intelligence community becomes entirely a political. Well this is the guy that has to do it. This national security bureaucracy which is named myself stands for. Nsb look it up. Historically that has to stop we these these this is the problem. Is these Intel agencies. Seventeen of them. He's got he's got to do something about that. Yeah well he's got a mind to so we'll see in yeah. I think I saw that. I think he was head of mine to before and that's how they rousted him. He's the one who withdrew. His is his resume his application. He got driven out in back. Maybe in the purge of the the National Security Council maybe they got rid of some elements that were bothersome. And now he's coming in I don't know Can we call it? I think we're good all right. I think we're very good but we're also at the end of the show and we're also late what's laid what's laid podcast. You got you got a job or something. Thank you very much for listening to narrow three and a half hours by the time we're done with our show mixes thanks to Jesse Koi Nelson Danny loose I fletcher CONAN's Celada and Sir seat sitter for end of show mixes and semi Karm everybody for The GRE on Tuesday but probably be out on Wednesday. Yes he doesn't live anymore. Now look forward to seeing y'all On Thursday coming to you from opportunities thirty three here in the frontier of Austin Texas Fema region number six and all the governmental maps in case. You're looking for them in the morning everybody. I'm Adam Curry and from northern Silicon Valley. Where it's bite in Country A. I'm John Cedar Barak. We return on Thursday right here on no agenda.

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