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Green couldn't couldn't agree more. We're talking jack. Levin bradley beal dame lillard twenty eight points a game probably by the time he's in the second or third year in the league And and i. I love all that about him. I think he's a transcend talent. The question for me is y levin and bradley beal is that talent going to be good enough to make houston a winning franchise and the answer is probably no. It's gonna take traffic. It's gonna take free agent. So and evan mobile have to tell you i love everything about him except what you say i worry about is lower body strength. He's been pushed around in college. You can push around in summer league. And i do wonder about this. Motor not a motor. Because he's an amazing kid. But i do think that the eventually the aggressiveness has really like take over and at some point is it going to be. When he's twenty three or twenty four that he decides i have to dominate games. I'm i'm the jury's out on that the talent is unquestionable but i think the intensity level with which he plays i think is probably going to be a function of physical maturity one scout from a team. That was kinda down on mobely. Say this about. He told me that he watched him play. Back in january against utah and played thirty two minutes in that game and didn't attempt to shot and this guy's like i've never seen a great player. Go thirty two minutes and not attempt to shot. He also pointed out the game against kansas in the tournament where they won big. Did but yeah. He's guarded by what six five marcus garrett in that game and he only ten points in that these guys i talked to or at least this one scout. Who's a pretty smart guy. This was a red flag. These were red flags with him on evan mobile. Do you see them as as potential red flags. I think i'd say potential red flag. I don't disagree with any of that. I also think that he played on a team this year where they forgot the other guys on the team forgot. They were playing with a top three. Pick like they didn't really play through him a lot. You can blame him for some of that In that lack of aggressiveness. That we're talking about and i think actually can blame the team and you know i love andy enfield. And he's got he's got a kid. That was a top three pick. So obviously something right. But i don't disagree with any of that. I think the biggest question would. Evan is is the physical maturity going to kick in at some point when he's twenty one twenty two twenty three and will that then spur him to like say. Hey i can dominate. Nba games. and. I think that's going to happen but i think it's definitely wouldn't call it a red flag. I would say a question mark right now. I think he's on the right team friend though because the cavs last year when they were healthy which was for like about a minute and a half like when they were healthy they had kevin love they had larry nance and they like to play through their bigs on the elbow. And that seems to be exactly where. Evan mobely is most comfortable and i saw flashes of it some of these summer league games where he's collecting the ball at the elbow and he's either making a mid range jump shot or finding guys on backdoor cuts..

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