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Dot com the wmal weather channel forecast or the wake of low pressure crack it up and teddy away some dry weather here the rest of the week at the pindi gender westnorthwesterly wind today increasing clouds 45 overnights right supply of thirty one outside the beltway we'll be colder clouds around gusty westwardly wind forty seven dry saturday mutual rain showers around by sunday coverage digit but whether chan what wmal currently in our nation's capital thirty four degrees at six fifty six forty seven on wmal all right so we've told you about a bunch of edgy catious scandals that have been rocking washington dc but there's one that's really been sticking out lately and it's about the former chancellor of the schools there he had to step down over this he back in september he talked to the mayor apparently he told faye told fox five that he personally spoke to mayor mural bows her and told her back in september that his daughter would bypass the district school lottery system to get a transfer to a sought after high school which was woodrow wilson high school so he she was moved there and this is in violation of rules that he himself had set up antoine wilson the the former chancellor schools her had set up just months prior that were meant to prevent this very sort of thing from happening yet he violated them well once that became public a a couple of things happen the deputy mayor for education jennifer niles was fired instantly but for some reason anton wilson wasn't the guy who was chiefly responsible for doing the the wrong thing well couple of days later after pressure from the line a lot of media attention including here and wmal that decision was changed anton wolfson laughed so where does this leave the mayor as i just said we know now thanks to wilson zone own claims to the press he told the mayor about this so she knew just as much as the deputy mayor did and and about his decision to jump this lottery system in washington to get his daughter better met a school that he.

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