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Two years ago, so That's how they're kind of Setting up the The chart everything, so we'll see how that goes on. I don't know when they have to make a decision, you know. So if there's if there's a vaccine and Or at least a quick cure for Koven. You would probably go and set up their you think. What do you think you're? Oh, yeah, And I mean A lot has to do with the The Chicago are even the Illinois However, they ruled amount of people that Khun gather, you know. Yeah. Oh, yeah. At this point, you won't be able to do it. It wouldn't really be good to have a national and you can have 100 people there. No, that's not gonna fly. Yeah, that wouldn't work. Tio, You're gonna have 100 guys signing their you know, through the through the days Okay, Well, Eric, I imagine we're coming up to a short break here. The number is 3123323776. If you have Items that you think you want to check on us with value. But following the break, we're going to be joined by John Drummond with his weak the segment, his weekly story time with Jenna Drummond and then Which ended higher were Nancy Huggins and John Drummond. I don't think we're gonna be hearing from Vince. I think he's tied up this weekend. But who knows? Maybe we'll even hear from him just for that part of it. Oh, get his pick in and and take off, so we'll see. But again, they will be right back. ESPN 1000 Chicago's home for.

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