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Was eight or nine sec so they're up to seven big twelve eurozone all part of that their blue blood pretoria those are all part of the the power conferences and college basketball and to play your point about the selection committee tasr about what they will be judged now is the success of this tournament just how riveting the games are because we could debate syracuse arizona state usc who's inwho's out louisville obata another team that's out looking aim st mary's the trojans may go up and down the line there are a lot of teams that can that can quibble and certainly there are things to look at ultimately this the selection committee will be judged based on how well this tournament is played how compelling the tournament is do we get great action the first two days are we getting bad basketball games because as you know there's tasr as we all the styles make fights you want foxing you got two great fighters if their styles don't work you're going to get a boring vice born so you could have two fighters that you got two fighters that may not accomplish as much as some but he got him in the rain together and they put on a fight for the agents right so college basketball i also think a part of it is not only get the right fielder sixty eight i also think it's like looking at the matchups and looking at the teams and making sure that you're putting the right teams on the seed lie with the right team to get the best game two is that ultimately what makes the tournament it is ready in regards to that in my putting a look at that this this this spread out bracket this no field of sixty eight i i think that the committee did get as a whole did get it right i think there's gonna be some there's some really cool matchups did the arizona things hitches in that you were talking about your conspiracy theory on that that looks like they're trying to get them eliminated added that thing a right away in the.

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