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We still nude anyway, sandy hook father himself was once a conspiracy theorists or or indulgence in found them fun and interesting and thought provoking, and there's also these gradations of people who believe in conspiracy theory, some of whom aren't bad people and some I mean everybody, I know who's smart believes in one conspiracy theory or another some some some form of it. But you know, this this presumption that everybody if you believe in a conspiracy theories, everybody's you have to be Alex Jones. I am a hate conspiracy theories I- conspiracy theorists. I think that, you know, every time I there's a a weird like I had an argument one time, very smart guy. Journalists who is telling me about these child. Pedophile cults that the Tories were involved in the second thing. And it's yeah. Yeah. I'm like this just the citizen true. If it doesn't pass the basic smell test. Can you imagine this sort of thing happening it generally isn't true start by by being skeptical? But I mean, smart people all the time. And I think we're in this territory now that because conspiracy theories are represented by a figure like Alex Jones who such a buffoonish figure, you know, red face jowly sweating screaming selling, you know, hard on pill supplements in between the shout. That's a conspiracy theories is and yes that is true that is part of it. But it also undermines and also forgets that there are different types of conspiracy theorists who are wrong often, but far less pernicious, and we don't have to say, oh my God. Let me take them off of of not like necessarily completely go there. But I'll go there a little bit. You know, dear. The skull shape. I know Hillary Clinton this week said, basically, like he I, you know, you can run a perfect campaign and still get the election stolen from a lot of stolen election talk this week. Abram l Harris was from Georgia allowed presidential candidates ratify her reputation of what happened in Georgia. I'm not an expert on this said, Florida was stolen. That's exactly right. She said start from voters if not for voter suppression, and that's two thousand four Rolling Stone as that that they carry election on. Yeah. I mean, that's a big magazine it reaches a lot of people in this is, and I mean, Hugh Hewitt that cycle had a book saying that if it's not if it's not close they can't cheat. I mean, so there's we were like we faked this stuff in. But I think that it's increased tangibly the amounts of just kind of statements about this. I forget exactly who it was who had a really good Twitter thread about the investigating or just like examining. Let's say the Stacey Abrams claim it was. I think it was Coleman Hughes, and it's like nineteen twenty twenty one a tweets there. And I this is I have blanked this out as an issue, otherwise it just hear it all the time in the firmament people say, of course, elections stolen. Yeah. You know, and this kind of stuff, and it was pretty convincing. And it wasn't like, hey, I'm arguing this is just like here. All the claims, here's a link to something that's direct the claims that doesn't show that. Right at all. Yeah. All and this is very very mainstreamed in a way that doesn't get the same kind of a total anxiety that you you see on a daily basis about Alex Jones and other people, but let's let's define quickly..

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