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But if that man is found innocent if those charges are dropped those records should be sealed there's no business for the detroit news or any reporter to have something from twenty two years ago where you were not convicted of a crime or pled to a crime you have nothing on your criminal record but we're hearing the media has a right to bring this to the public twenty two years later no those who have the charges dropped those who are found denison have a right to have those records protected the same way a real victim can be shielded from the scrutiny the ruthless scrutiny of media and the public that's the two way street and i i'm a father of two daughters i don't know how parents ever ever can get through knowing your daughter was sexually assaulted and the real victims need to be protected in america and the prosecutors need to use the full force of the law and their tools and their resources to try and convict sexual predators but the falsely accused those who have charges dropped and those who are found innocent also deserve equal protection who those court records being sealed by a judge and never allowed to be released without the consent of both parties to me that is fair in just in our justice system i want your feedback on this map patricia thing does he deserve everything that's coming his way right now i it makes me sick to my stomach golden tate the lines players they've read and watched everything i have and they think it's appalling where are you at one eight five five two one two four cbs that's one eight five five two one two four two two seven at saturday huge on twitter and saturday night huge show on facebook callers online north america will hear you next time for another update once again here's a talented john fass.

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