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Core. Bottom three running backs awful. They need a play MAC maker. They're going to draft two receivers. They're going to draft offensive line. They gotta go. Get a playmaker lebian Belva the jets. And by the way, they're gonna cut ties with Isaiah Crowell their leading rusher last year and another one of their running backs. They're number two running back. Hold on is a free agent. Yeah powell. So this makes a ton of sense to me Sam darnold getting Libyan bell number four Cuyler Marie to the cardinals is really interesting to me. I like Josh Rosen. But the cardinals had the NFL's worst offense last year points scored and total yards. Their offensive line is a two a three year rebuild. Rosen's a fragile quarterback. And he's not mobile and there's a way to solve both those get Cuyler Murray. Cliff Kingsbury was the offensive coordinator Johnny Manziel and Patrick Mahomes. He's okay with runaround. Guys. First time the cardinals have had the number one pick since nineteen fifty eight. And again, the offensive line is a huge issue for the cardinals. And they don't have the picks or the cap space to solve it in one year. You are putting Josh Rosen not the most durable and mobile guy in the crosshairs. I think it could happen. Number three, Nick foles to the Redskins. First of all there's history here. Donovan McNabb wants went from Philadelphia to Washington foles has already informed. The eagles he'll buy out the rest of his contract. Several reports are saying Alex Smith will mix nasties miss next season. And it would make sense for Washington. First of all knows Philadelphia. He knows their personnel. He's played the giants. He's played Dallas. He's played Philadelphia. He knows the division. And frankly, if you look around right now, you wanna go Colt McCoy or you wanna go Nick foles against that eagle in cowboy front J, gruden's an offensive minded coach. So I think foles would look at that. And think I know the division don't have to travel far I've got an offensive minded coach Nick.

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