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Is there anything like Vegas when there's a big fight in town? It's like everyone five red bull's. It's hard for the audience understand Megan just goes bananas. I don't know if you have any good memories of fights when you were there that you can share with us on the radio. I mean, I've been so many. I mean, I've literally bend over seventy five title fight in Las Vegas and most of my. Find is memories. I would say, a believe it or not are at Caesar's palace outdoors. The fact that I used to go to, you know, fifteen round heavyweight fights outside in one hundred plus one hundred ten degree weather was, like, nothing I've ever experienced seeing guys fight in those kind of like a microwave oven outside. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced. I was there for, you know, Tyson Holyfield, you know air bite. I've, I've seen it all. I've seen. Hagler hearns. I seen a sugar. Ray Leonard fight a bunch of times, you name it. I've seen them all fight foreman. All of them Tyson. Every guy. I mean literally every fighter known to man. I've seen fight in the last thirty five years. So a lot of you know, all of it Vegas. You know, I I've been to fights in New York obviously in Dallas. I've been in Los Angeles. And I really. Can't remember any others that I speak of that. I remember being outside of Vegas. So most of them have all been in Vegas. Whether it's most of them, the grand garnering, obviously Caesar's palace. I've seen fights everywhere in Vegas now, t mobile, blah, blah, blah. I've seen them all. It's great. There's no denying the energy nice palpable in sin city when there's a big fight. I think Vegas is the best place for boxing without a doubt. And, you know, I'll give them credit one AM fights in London, and Wimbley, and the like and get eighty thousand people in Germany, and couple of these European fights that they have in England and wherever Manchester. They've had them everywhere. Right. And I think they've been really good. They get bigger crowds over there. So, but I would say certainly, I think most fighters wanna be in bagels. And they wanna be pay per view headliner in Vegas. That's like most of. You know, I think life goals certainly seen a million Prizefights and all of them that I remember vividly are Vegas, and I've been to I literally all them Mavi again. Ah tasks like I have you've been to my house. I got like a million credentials from fights, absolutely do. And I think the big thing for Vegas versus other places because you can go the places where the jars world it was awesome atmosphere there, you know, we've been to the garden. It's awesome fights there. These other cities, you know that fighting the stable centre was great. But the cities are so big and so much going on that most of the times unless you're going to fight love those places, don't not even happening. Vegas just gets up. The whole city gets fight. You know, it's everywhere whether it's on billboards, whether it's on the size of their casinos if you go to Vegas and there's a good fight. Everybody knows happening. Everybody's pumped up for it. It just doesn't happen, these other areas, because there's so much going on in New York, Dallas LA that it kind of falls under the radar. Unless you're into the fight unless you're going to it. It's weird. Like I got here, I've been to fight with you at Barclays at the garden. And I just like a good fight. I'm not going to sit here and cry about Brooklyn or New York. I've been a great fights here, too, and a lot of them like the way I look at it. Is this a lot of fight together? Once you're in the arena, you don't even know where you are, to be honest with you. It's just it's insane. It once you're in the arena, and you're like, wow, I'm here in the lights are on, and there's, it's a full house, and you know, pay per view and the cameras, and the TV, and all the famous people, that's the one thing that you always get at a big fight in Vegas is the celebrities. I mean they are out in droves. I mean you're talking about more than any sporting event in the world. I believe that draws the most celebrities is now boxing, and UFC they, they get the most. They all come out of the woodwork and I just think it's incredible. So the. Energies fantastic in these. Both are in these fights in these arenas. There's nothing like it. When they, you know, I don't really like the under cards that much. I'll be honest with you gets a disaster. They still haven't figured out how to entertain us before the main event, isn't there like a really good one at the one, we're going to write off. You said there's a really good undercard fight. It's one that they're going to show it on free TV before the pay per view. I believe, but there's like a decent fight, if I remember when they announced this, a couple of months ago, I think there is the list, he'll know which one it is. But there is supposed to be like a really solid undercard fight on this. Have you seen pag gamified live guy? I haven't been to any of these. I've never been to one of these fights. The one time I went with you was we went to McGregor Mayweather and we so you fight. So this is your this is your first big fight. Oh, yeah. And have you you've never been to a big UFC card either? I never knew UFC car. So this is your first big fight. Yeah. You'll love it. It's, it's just awesome. And then, like just say, you know, here's how it works. You're gonna we'll sit with these two chicks. They're crazy. And I mean, to tell you, they are more fun than any to Churchill ever, meet in your life, and they just absolutely pound drinks and eat popcorn and anything anything you wanna do. They are all in. I mean these checks are crazy. And they what's great about him as they enjoy violence. So they like wanna see someone have their head knocked off like they're screaming when guys are getting their faces punched at it's great. They're better than your buddies to go to the fight with. They are as Mavi knows. These chicks are insane. Liked to have fun and they liked to laugh and party and drink, and go to fight enough of your insanity. And they think I'm not well that's a given. Yeah. But they love it. They find out more in the fight half the time. It's true. Carver high's. You're gonna get a big kick out of them. He's gonna have a good time. Yeah. But listen like you know they're gonna they're gonna have to raise their game to my level too, because, you know, how it goes with me out there. They better. They better step up their game or they're going to be in big trouble mister. Here we go. Let's get an update in with Kevin Dexter..

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