A highlight from #391: Pyscript powered by MicroPython

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No python announcement of 2022 was met with more fanfare than pi script. This project announced that PyCon allows you to write python files and run them in your browser in place of JavaScript, or even with interactions between python and JavaScript. There's just one catch, the runtime download was a 9 megabyte WebAssembly file. That made its use quite limited. On this episode, we dive into some news that might change that calculus. The micro python and pie script folks have been teaming up to get high script running in the browser on micro python. Yes, that's the embedded chip python that you may have heard of. And here's the good news. Micro python's WebAssembly is just 300 K to download and loads it under a hundred milliseconds. Now that could unlock some real possibilities. We have Brett cannon, Nicholas tove, and Fabio plager. On the show to discuss. This is talked python may episode 391 recorded November 21st, 2022. Welcome to talk python, a weekly podcast on python. This is your host, Michael Kennedy, follow me on macedon where I'm at M Kennedy and follow the podcast using at talk python both on Boston dot org. Be careful with impersonating accounts on other instances, there are many. Keep up with the show and listen to over 7 years of past episodes at top python FM. We've started streaming most of our episodes live on YouTube. Subscribe to our YouTube channel over at talk python FM slash YouTube to get notified about upcoming shows and be part

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