A highlight from $1,000,000 offer to leave Barstool? Barstools Brianna Chickenfry LaPaglia on the $$$ behind her career, the reality of influencing and staying grounded. All sparked from hangover videos!!

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She has grown a social media falling to over 400,000 followers on Instagram 1.6 million on TikTok and continues to see her following grow. Each and every day must be nice, Brianna. You have to tell me the secret. Rihanna has established herself as a social media icon and it all started by going viral on TikTok while being hung over in college. We'll get into that. To some it may seem crazy, but Brianna has been able to capitalize on her unexpected rise to fame in more ways than one. We're gonna do a deep dive into how Brianna has been able to create and hold such a strong social media following. What her life at barstool sports looks like and what other ventures she sees herself pursuing moving forward Brianna, thank you so much for being here today. Thank you. What an intro. You like that? Never had one like that before. Did you guys do that on the BFFs podcast? And now we're here with our whatever it is. It's fucking working. All right, we're gonna get into it. I wanna kick it off with this clip. I saw this clip and I said to my manager over here, I was like, it's not that we want her on. We need her on. And so for everyone at home, I'm gonna play the clip. And then I just wanna kind of dive into this a little bit. What also pisses me off and why everyone in the influencer realm gets fucked as no one talks about money. Yeah, it's crazy. And I don't know why it's such a niche thing like if everyone talks about what they got paid for brand deals and how much money they were making, then we would have benefit all of us. Yeah. Like people just don't talk about it. So then you don't know your rate. There's no one to ask. There's no one to go. There's not an influencer coach. Yeah, that's also true in like regular work world too. Like a 9 to 5. Okay, so that's a clip. That's a clip where I was like, we got to get you on. You said it right. That's the crux of this podcast. There is nowhere to go. You have no idea what your value is. So through your crazy journey of how fast it's been and your rise and following and just attention and engagement. have you been able to find out what your value should be for the stuff you're doing? Well, I still don't know my value almost because nobody talks about it, but when I first started, I remember I got my contract with barstool and it was, it was like, I don't know, $75,000 for like a year, but I was like, nobody edited and I followers. And I was like, this is amazing. This is crazy. And I didn't know what other influencers were making that for a swipe up. And I'm like, this is going to be my salary, which I thought was amazing. So I didn't know that yet. And then I got into barstool, and I started talking to people, and even people at barstool didn't want to tell me how much they were making, which was really frustrating because I didn't know what to base anything. I didn't know anything. I didn't know what my coworkers were making. I didn't know what someone with the same level is like followers was making as me. So I didn't know idea where to go. Okay. So that's where I kind of went to Rhea to reinforce. I've been on there. I've been on their show up for questions. And we've come on our show. Yeah, yeah, so I went to them and I'm just like straight up. We weren't even that friends yet, but I was like, how much money do you guys make? It looked at me like I had ten heads. I'm like, I guess that's a crazy question because everyone makes it a crazy question. Yeah. Then they flat out just told me, and I went straight to my boss and I'm like, here's what it should be making. This is what I should be doing. But I was so scared to ask people because it was like, it was such a taboo topic. Yeah, it's interesting. So when they came on, they were saying, and I think this is genius. They go into their annual reviews together. And they said at least they get paid the exact same. So they each know each other makes, and there's never a question like, oh, well, who's bringing more value? It doesn't create attention between them. They're like, we all get paid the same. Do you have anybody in the barstool circle that like you go in together with that you understand exactly what they're making or is it just you on your own? It's just me and this is where it's hard and I think a lot of people that are influencers or do what I do struggle with is I come. My parents have no idea what I do. So they can't help me. I can't ask them for advice. They don't know what I should be making. They have no idea what I do. With barstool, you really don't have management. So I don't have a manager. I'm just at barstool. So I go into these meetings alone and I'm almost like gauging everything off of my knowledge and by myself, which is probably the most intimidating part about it. Sure. Yeah, so I don't really know what I should be asking for, and that's why I made that clip. I started talking about it. I started talking to other influencers. Like, hey, how much money do you guys make? What do you make for a swipe up? What do you make for a brand deal? That's helped me. And one of the tough things about the whole industry. And this is what ended up me starting our own. We started our own talent management company. Because I got off the bachelor, and then there's all these deals coming in, right? And there's all these different agents. And what's crazy is I would have three different agents, pitching me the same brand, the same deal, the same delivery, and the difference in the price point was like four X. So I'm like, where the fuck's, how? Everything's the same. How the hell am I getting paid one fourth of what someone else is offering me from the same brand? It's because there's so many hands in the pot. So even when it's challenging to benchmark your value against other people, in this world, you can't even benchmark your value against yourself because of all this shit going on. It's crazy. It is not. Let's take a little break, and I'm going to tell you about how you can get up to $500 instantly. So here's the deal. Fourth

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