Will Ron DeSantis Sit This One Out?


DeSantis is staying in Florida. Yes, he's got a terrific record they're in Florida, but the question is, is it enough? Does he have the name recognition and can he actually get through the primary? I think that's a very difficult task. Moreover, let's just be logical about the entire situation. If you're Ron DeSantis, you're saying, wait a second, I got this whole group of people that support Donald Trump on my side. If I run now, well, I am going to risk having their wrath against me because Donald Trump is going to paint me as disloyal, et cetera. You just heard it. And so they won't like me. Therefore, am I ever going to have a shot in the future? And clearly, he could just say, you know what, I'm going to ride this one out. Donald Trump takes the nomination. He wins or doesn't win against Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg or whoever they wind up putting up and then I come back into the picture four years from now in 2028. It may be a logical decision, but it's also a risky decision only in that politicians kind of they stay hot for only a brief moment in time. Remember when Chris Christie had his day and then he completely blew it and by 2016 it was over, well desantis could run that risk as well. In other words, life is full of risks. He either runs now. And makes his way past Donald Trump, which I just don't entirely see happening. I know there's differing polls, et cetera, but it's going to be hard, or he waits for more years.

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