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Their community something like armchair experts that the armchairs call her daddy, their daddies, heard something I was listening to Mark Mayer and the other day. He has all kinds of crazy names for his, what's our community called? I don't know, I mean, I am very, I feel like there should be a thing. I feel like you guys should submit to the hotline what we should be called and then we'll vote and we'll choose something and then henceforth it'll be like, hey T. Rex, that that actually makes no sense. Nobody wants to be called that. We could be the podcast community that go by dinosaur names. I'm just saying, you guys, welcome to another episode of ask rage. The weekly show where I answer y'all's questions, you call into a hotline, you leave me a voicemail, like an old school answering machine, and then I answer some of the questions and today's are really good. Two questions that have nothing to do with each other, but I feel like are fantastic.

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