A 'Kinder' Option? An Oral Covid Vaccine That People Can Drink Is In The Works


, so I think what she's saying is people who have been given the vaccine are now transmitting the vaccine. The vaccine to other people to kill them. Well, from what I understand, if they're both anti vaxxers, what she was saying is that one person in Wuhan, China was injected and infected about shedding vaccine. No, she's talking about vaccine shadows. I didn't get that problem from the other. She's talking about vaccine shedding. She's saying that people are shedding the vaccine. And that's how diamond got the vaccine that killed her. To kill her. As opposed to the COVID that did kill her. COVID killed her. Yes. So even though they're not saying it, she ran about said it there. You know, sorry, just because Sue was talking about death cult. I felt like we had to go there. Yeah. Because this is the logic that they're using these days. It is bananas. I don't understand. These people spend way too much time in rabbit holes on the Internet. Yeah, they have way too much time on their hands instead of going out and being with real people in the real world. And for her to invoke the science says this is how it works. That's not how it's not science. There's been no

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