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NFL week 18 roundup on Dave fairy. The eagles have rewarded themselves for a 14 and three season. Here's Michael the wongo. The eagles Clinton Division Championship and the number one seed in the NFC playoffs with the 22 16 win over the Giants Philadelphia touchdown run by Boston Scott and 5 field goals by Jake Elliott and his first game back with my shoulder injury quarterback Jalen hurts true for 229 yards for the birds who finished a regular season at 14 and three. We worked really hard to be where we are now. We've overcome a lot. We've been through a lot as a team and as individuals. Davis Webb, right for one touchdown through for another for the Giants. The Seahawks are playoff bound as Jim Bernard reports. First, the Seahawks did their part by outlasting the Los Angeles Rams in the 1916 overtime victory, then the Detroit Lions did theirs by beating the Green Bay Packers. Gino Smith overcame two Jalen Ramsey interceptions and passed for 213 yards and a touchdown while Kenneth walker rushed for 114 yards. The dolphins have extended their season. Denny cap has details. Three Jason Sanders field goals are all the dolphins need to squeak into the playoffs and beat the jets 11 to 6. Sanders kicked the game winner from 50 yards out with 18 seconds left, and a battle of third string quarterbacks it was rookie 7th round draft pick, Skylar Thompson, who did just enough to send his team to the postseason. Seeing a win and feeling a win is important and especially going into the playoffs. Going to buffalo, which is a very good football team. We're going to be confident. Thompson completed 20 to 31 for a 152 yards and no interceptions to help the dolphins snap a 5 game skid. The Bengals beat the ravens 27 16 to avoid a coin flip for home field when the two teams meet again in the AFC playoffs next weekend. Cincinnati scored touchdowns off three first half turnovers by quarterback Anthony Brown. Joe burrow was 25 of 42 for 215 yards one touchdown and no interceptions. If he didn't win this one, I guess technically we would have won the division, but wouldn't have felt like it. So it's good to get this one. We're going to have to play better next week to get the win. Especially me. The bills played inspired ball less than a week after teammate demar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest during a game. Gene battaglia reports. On a day filled with emotion, the Buffalo Bills won the regular season finale against New England Patriots, 35 to 23. Naim Heinz buffalo returned the opening kick-off for a touchdown. It also get another kick-off return for a score. Bill's quarterback Josh Allen says, after seeing that opening play, he knew it would be their day. I can't remember a play that touched me like that. And I don't think in my life. Buffalo finished the season at 13 and three, and now they are the second seed and will host the Miami Dolphins in the wild card round. Ryan leong was at the forty-niners, went over the Cardinals. For the first time in franchise history, the forty-niners ended the season on a ten game win streak after convincing 38 to 13 win over the Cardinals. The forty-niners are locked in as the number two seat in the upcoming NFC playoffs. Brock purdy was 15 of 20 for a 178 yards and three touchdowns. We look at it as a challenge, but we're also excited because it's like, man, if we do play to our full potential, it's like, what else could we do? So those are the kind of things that we ask ourselves every day and we're excited about, but I'm excited moving forward for being on a win streak. In the final game of his career, JJ watt had two sacks and 5 total tackles, but the Cardinals lost 7 straight to finish at four and 13. The bears were 29 13 losers to the Vikings, and the Texans earned a 32 31 win over the colts. That means the bears will have the number one pick in the draft for the first time since 1947. The Houston win didn't stop the team from firing head coach levy Smith. In other games, the falcons beat the Buccaneers 30 17. The commander silenced the cowboys 26 6 that the anthers were ten 7 winners over the saints. The Broncos topped the Chargers 31 28 Pittsburgh down Cleveland 28 14, but missed the playoffs when the dolphins won. I'm Dave ferry AP sports.

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