Why Web Pioneer Legend Brendan Eich Founded Brave?


Today, we have the CEO and cofounder of brave Brendan Ike is joining us right now. We're going to talk about all kinds of things. Brendan, welcome to the bad crypto podcast. Don't forget that. But most important micro unity. Yeah, he's got quite a background. You were the CTO, then CEO of Mozilla. And you helped launch the Firefox browser and you're also the inventor of JavaScript, which is the world's most popular programming language. So that little thing happened and then, of course, you founded the brave browser. So why found brave? Go ahead and tell us your reasons, especially after having launched a successful browser and Firefox that you thought we need brave. Right. So when we did Firefox, we were not as conscious about privacy as we are now. And we did this search deal with Google, which at the time was a great search engine and hadn't become a big Alphabet company full of all sorts of different businesses that all seemed to be lost leaders for the ad exchange business, which is the main revenue Lake of Google. We also in Firefox, we let the privacy conscious users build extensions for themselves and then grow those extensions. We call them add ons back in the day. So I sat for a long time thinking about two big problems. One is that browsers, if it gets successful, tend to be captured by a big tech company like a search company, which is really an ad exchange, like Google, or in the 90s, by an operating system company, which is really a word in excel office suite company. That was Microsoft.

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