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AP sports. I'm Bruce Morton. The NBA's longest win streak of the season has ended at 16 Joel embiid's three ball with 42 seconds left, lifted the sixers to a come from behind one 33 one 30 victory over the bucks. Elsewhere the pistons continue to sputter falling to Cleveland one 14 to 90. College baskets number 9 Texas ended its regular season on a happy note thumping third ranked Kansas 75 59. In another top ten battle, fourth ranked UCLA defeated number 8 Arizona 82 73. Plenty of upsets on Saturday 24th ranked Texas a and M shocked number two Alabama 67 61. Iowa state defeated 7th ranked Baylor 73 58. Other ranked teams biting the dust were number 11 Kansas state and number 12 Tennessee. Hockey, the NHL's hottest team did what it's been doing all season when the bruins won their tenth in a row, beating the rangers four to two. Bruce Morton AP sports

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