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AP sports I'm David Schuster to NFL playoff games contested Saturday in Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes played through an ankle injury throwing a pair of touchdown passes as the chiefs down Jacksonville 27 20, Kansas City coach Andy Reid crediting his defense. I thought from the DBs to the defensive line to the linebackers, I just, again, my head goes off to the guys for that. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the eagles overwhelmed the Giants 38 to 7 with our Michael luongo in attendance. The eagle jumped to a 14 nothing for his quarterly on touchdown passes by a jail and hurts won the Dallas Goddard. The other devonta Smith first picked up a 5 yard touchdown run with 43 seconds to go in the first half, Boston Scott had a three yard touchdown one, maybe for the second quarter for the birds who were advanced to the NSA championship game for the first time since 2017. Coming up later Sunday, it will be Cincinnati at buffalo and Dallas at San Francisco. Lots of NBA action Saturday, Boston made it 9 straight wins, one O 6 one O four over Toronto, grant Williams scoring 25 points off the bench. As a role player in this league, you have to be prepared for any of those opportunities and you have to step up when the opportunity arises. And I feel like I try my best to do that and tonight shops went down and just continue to be aggressive. Evan mobley was aggressive scoring a career high 38 points as Cleveland defeated Milwaukee one 14 one O two, mobley's coach JB bickerstaff certainly impressed. You know, it's not just a particular quarter, but it's when winning matters the most. And I think he's got that gene when winning Mars is the most to rise to another level. And Minnesota coach Chris Finch had a bird's eye view, watching Anthony Edwards score 44 points as the T wolves defeated Houston one 13 one O four. Yeah, I mean, he was locked in all day. We had talked yesterday about how important this game was for us. And how he needed to set the tone. He certainly did that. He was special today. College hoops, TCU crushed number two Kansas, 83 60. I'm David Shuster, AP sports.

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