Kids Are So Receptive to Truth


What is so cool? The good news. That I think is hopeful. Every day, literally 7 days a week. We I and my staff that I never planned to build an organization, but when you get a couple of hundred emails a day, you've got to start hiring people. Kids are so receptive to not only biblical truth, but truth about America. And I'm in front of middle school and high school and college kids that are so enthused about the lord Jesus, so enthused about the United States of America. And I want to say to people, you know, we need to have honest, hard conversations about the ideological battles that we're in the crosshairs of and we certainly are. But let me say to moms and dads, you have more sway and say into the heart of your child than you realize. Let me say to pastors and youth pastors, I plead. I beg of you. Please give your parishioners, especially young people, truth about morality, culture, politics, America. Because see, Eric, pastors and I've passed through two churches, I understand the fine line of diplomacy pastors think they have to walk. Pastored a church in Charlotte, pastored a small church in rural North Carolina, but listen to this. Augustine, in city of God. He said, look, until we're in the city of God, we have an obligation to the city of man. See, pastors, they're like very pious. They're like, oh, Alex, I hear you on the radio, and come to my church, but don't talk about politics, just the love of God.

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