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To welcome our next guest. The one the only Kate fagan, author of hoop muses, and we can't just wait to discuss this project with you. But first off, how are you? Where are you and what's going on in your life? I'm good. I'm coming to you from Charleston, South Carolina, where I moved about four years ago, and I love it. And also, I have to tell you that you just sort of stumbled over hoop muses and we almost didn't call it that for that very reason because it's a mouthful. But over the last two years, I've gotten used to it, but it's been funny listening. You kind of have to get yourself to like wrap your mouth around it in a very distinct way. So I appreciated that right there. Well, I've just been calling it the basketball Bible, but because I haven't thought of a better term, but no joke, this is, I don't, I'm not a big reader, I read articles about the W and stuff like that. But for the most part, I'm not the biggest reader, but this is like a, you can't put it down. I told you this before we start recording. My son has been listening and learning all these stories every night before bedtime. And before nap time, so yeah, it is, I will get the name better. Hoop news. That's right. Actually named by Simon Augustus. It was her idea. So there we go. I love. All right, fun fact. Okay, okay, before we dive into the book, I think it's really important. I love this question and I genuinely want to know. I think you don't get to this spot. You don't get to this position where you write a book of this magnitude. If you don't have a deep rooted just foundation and love in the game, you have quite a story yourself, came from basketball family, had a great high school career out east. You actually ended up playing out here by me. You go buffs. They're having a great year. I love the job that JR is doing. You actually wrote about your experience in the reappearing act, shout out to that phenomenal read. Please, everyone, go check it out if you have not. But I kind of want to just start at the beginning with your journey. Your love at a game, your love of basketball and just kind of go with it because we want people to know about you. Yeah, well, I appreciate that opportunity because it's something I don't get to talk much about anymore. And I

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