Prospecting on LinkedIn


I think. My favorite thing to do is to leverage lincoln because lincoln is such a great way to build relationships with people that are in like these awesome industries in different verticals. But for me. I feel i really most of the building relationship and knowing the right time to turn it into like a soft goal to action. So you know as i prospect all always know if i'm just gonna email say ten people today from that company. I will go ahead and add as many people from that company across all product. Line that i could potentially talk to you right. Maybe they're not the number one or today's already. But i'm gonna add them so i can eventually get to them on linked in because it's easy way to get wins and for me. I'll always look at the profile. A leveraged the research. I've done for the emails and once they've accepted my connection request. I'll always look for a way to pass lies. That that was a gal once from kentucky. I forget which company shows up but she she was from kentucky and i told her this story about how me and my mom would traveling across the country and we went to cracker barrel and we thought it was the only restaurant that we hold. It was the only krakauer in america and then we got to the next day and realized it was a chain and so i told her that funny story and she found it hilarious and we went back and forth for a week and was like. Hey i see you do this like you know. We work with xyz You know see you open to learning a bit more about this. And lincoln i think is just such a great way to build rapport and build a relationship before you. Just you know oscar Can i just spend a bit of time like learning more about your role. And secondly only than i love sending videos so if someone accepts request and fills right like algiers plot wife phone and i will send them a really personalized video for example. Like hey scott i sawyer. Recent post i love that you said this and this adding a personalization and then just throwing out similar kind of mo. full malik we walk with xyz. I see you do this. I imagine like this and this headache you know. Would you be interested in learning a bit more about how you walk in your space. And i'll send the video and i found it super effective right because it's a way to stand out and that's that's really. What makes you successful like. You need a stand out from the sea of people that are trying to get to them so i would definitely recommend like lean on those videos. Yeah so couple of questions there. So as as you're sending out those initial connection request you're kind of going. Broadly across the account. Are you personalizing the connection requests or you coming back with personalization. Once they accept. I always play around of it and i think it depends if they seem like a a real change agent and they vary social than. I'll throw out like a little message when i do. Send the request. But for the most part i have found like a pretty successful connection rate which i'm really fortunate about because i know that not everyone has found that and then i'll go in with a very personalized note because to me if someone's accepting Accepting that initial requests like. They're open to conversation whether it be about. Sprinkler is another story but there are at least open for me to say like. Hey thank you for accepting an a lies note. So i'll lead on it for like the change agents and like the number one i want but the most part like what helps me kind of spread. Wide thin is sending as many of those and then leaning on the one side except

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