Video gaming can benefit mental health, find Oxford academics


Have been doing this not four hours a day. I don't have four hours to do anything. But they say you're not wasting four hours a day playing video games. You're devoting four hours a day to your wellness. Really? Who came? This is from a study out of Oxford University. They're legit. They are Playing video games can be good for your mental health Researchers found people who played video games at a better sense of well being than people who didn't They specifically tested something called Animal Crossing for Nintendo and found quote If you play four hours a day of animal crossing, you're much happier human being I don't know that game. I don't either kind of played on my phone. Don't know, but I don't. I don't want to. Actually, I just pulled off all my games. I don't The only thing I do know. Is that okay? By with pencil I don't do it on my phone. I, uh I had our our Xbox burned out during one of the power turn offs, which, by the way, I'd really like to bag up the burned out X box and drop it off at the PGA. Any store wherever that is getting crazier by burned out my burned out X boxes for you. Thanks a lot. Nothing. And I went about a new one. Because the truth is, I actually do like doing a little race car at night. I like it, but that's what it was like this. I'm looking animal crossing here. They're going to cook something. Using squash and pumpkins. He not, uh, that looks like kid game E. I was gonna say looks little slow Pace for me. Yeah, that what I'd be into But you know what kids? I'll tell you that that Minecraft is the dumbest piece of garbage. I agree. And the kids love it. They're my kids are still on it. They're still on it all the time. Meet their friends. Yes, they meet their friends on there. They go to concerts on there. It's crazy.

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