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Jessica. Good news feed took too long was about root always with this crew always every time. We're together weird. So right before the podcast. I have to bring us up right away. We are talking about bernie nationally and their son. And how like. He's at the age now where he just learning to walk and we discovered that gus was late to walking because he was too fat as a baby was really really fan. I needed to get physical therapy. 'cause i was too fat to be able to walk like my little baby. Legs couldn't support my weight like think i was. I wasn't super big when i was born. Think it was ten pounds when i was born but Yeah i was super fat and physical therapy. And the way that i ended up walking was since i couldn't support my own weight. My mother had to buy a giant balloon. And i would use it almost like a cane like i would. I would set it up and use it to myself up and stand then i would like hobble along with it so that we could walk and then eventually i guess i was. I lost my workout to be able to start walking. But i was a really late walker. What were you fat from milk. Oh babies streak a shitload of milk way too much more than just lie motionless. All i would do is smart amount more milk wiggle around and like do a bunch of movements while they're like on the ground and gus probably just laid their video games to be invented so i can play them many invented this this awful story about me that You know i'm. I'm super super old so when i was a baby i got fed with glass bottles and she said that. I thought it was hilarious that after i was done drinking bottles i would throw them out of the crib and they would sometimes shatter on the floor so she would come in and check on me on the middle of the night. She cut her feet up Throwing a ball. I would see it. And i would start laughing in the crib little. You know you're going. According to the incident the average wait for a baby is seven and a half pounds doubts about ten ten. I guess on the high end of normal. So i was also born late. I was I missed my own birthdate work. Extra cooked was extra point. When i came out he was very well done for a baby. Yes yeah but not the only one. Yeah she she told me. I could feel bad but in the end she got me the most awesome person in the world looking for how you could walk on my excel. Well yeah. i'm want to brag. But i did a lot of walking. I walked even today. I feel that you drive more. But i've seen you walk. I do drugs. Yeah i've been on talk dr man. What is the deal with people running. Stop signs and red lights and then flipping me off. Like i don't get your twee would through a parking lot the other day and i was going to go to the exit and it was straight and the intersecting lane had stop sign. So i'm going straight woman stopped at the stop sign. I kept going. I assume. I guess she thought i had a stop sign as well. She nearly hit me. So i slam on my brakes. I don't honk it or anything to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting her. She pulls out in front of my car stops. Her car looks at me in the eyes. And it gives me a double flip off and it keeps driving. And i'm like you're the one who missed your stop. Sign for kidding flipped off. What makes you think anything to do with driving. Maybe she's probably a very unhappy person inside happy with her life choices. I i did nothing wrong. I was just driving. I was just trying to leave a parking lot. I a double flip off for going straight did i. World is just angry these days man. I think everyone is just like fed up with each other humanity. No extra was with me. Did you kickoff. Did you give her a bit of a sure. No no i just. I was just like what happened. Kickoff me. I don't start yelling screaming. No no escalating the situation. No not at all. I was i was. I was very calm about it. I think it's mainly. I think i would have normally been angry but i think i was in such shock over having nearly hit someone for absolutely no reason that i was just like what happened. I didn't know what happened. So people i think are just like they react out of embarrassment almost if they do something wrong. Like that where it's like. They know they're at fault but they're just pissed off that you acknowledged it that they wanted then like punish for it. That gives me all the time. I got flipped off and honked at one time when someone in front of me in a roundabout stopped mid roundabout to let someone in and i honked them. Because you're not supposed to stop in and around about roy supposed to just keep going until you get off and they like hung back. Flip me off in their review mirror and i'm like okay. I can't explain the rules to you around about through five car. go look it up. Google it. You know that roundabout by the studio. Like i thirty five and fifty. I was one time. I was back when we used to go to the studio. I was driving by there and i was driving westbound on fifty first to the roundabout and someone was the car. Now i take it back i was. I was driving in the other direction. I was driving to the studio. So i was driving eastbound fifty first and as i was driving onto fifty first off of the roundabout i saw. There was a car coming the other direction westbound on fifty first and they tried to turn left against traffic into the into that roundabout and the. There's not very much traffic. In that little section. They managed to do it then. They got stuck. They tried to back out. There were just stuck there during that austin powers thing where they're trying to look backwards to get their way. Oh my god what a fuck up dr. Why would walk. I get flipped off. Because you don't have to like. I guess you do if you're driving in a car with someone else but you'd have to deal with people like this the time. I've spent a lotta time in the car with dan though and he he will yell about absolutely nothing but especially here because every time we interact with roundabout. It's like nine times out of ten. Someone doesn't know what to do and he will. He will go on like a two and a half minute rent. Every single time to fair that particular roundabout near the studio is a piece of shit that so unclear some of the directions

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