From the mirror just to be safe.


Going to Maui. Videoconferencing exists, But these people know why are they going? Well, because you're picking up the tab. We're picking up the tab. Taxpayers are picking up the tab. The American taxpayers picking up the tab. So why the hell wouldn't you go to Maui? More than half a dozen California lawmakers are among the 50 people attending a policy conference sponsored by the Independent Voter Project, a nonprofit group at Fairmount Key Lani Hotel, and why lay with some legislators, travel expenses picked up by the host. The four day conference at which panels discussed various issues include how to reopen states safely amid covert 19 began Monday. Isn't this lovely? Annual gathering, which has seen up to 25, California lawmakers and attendance and past years has faced criticism because it is partially finance and attended by special interests. Including business and labor groups, which lobby legislators lobby lobbyists trying to bring lawmakers to nice places.

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