Episode 14: Gina Miller


Hello and welcome to spinning place. The podcast where. I speak too busy working women who also happen to be mothers about how they make it work. I'm a singer online released seven elevens in between having my five sons aged sixteen months to sixteen years so i spent a few plates myself. Being a mother can be the most amazing thing. It can also be hard to find time for yourself and your own ambitions. I wanted to be a bit nosey and see other people balanced everything. Welcome spinning plates hollows spinning plate. Cats how are you doing Have you been having a good week. What's been happening around here. He's been mixture of things really. I know we've entered into a second lockdown phase hat in the uk but it doesn't feel quite the same as the first one mainly because the kids are at school so also getting three bits and bobs the day. Still a ton of things. I meant to saw our weeks ago. I'm sitting as i speak to you in the room. That is actually where my littlest one mickey sleeps. But it's also my dressing room and the poor kid is a good job. He's not able to articulate how he feels about being surrounded by piles of shoes clothes Various items and accessories or else he just be saying mom please. It's a little bit over stimulating in here But then maybe it's quite nice to be surrounded by feathers schifone. Bright colors sequence That were i do make sure he sleeps in the dog. He's kind of being dazzled by my secret garden's as he tries to asleep This week i spoke to someone going to be very very honest with you. had never met gina miller before i knew of her after she Took parliament to court over. Initiating brexit unconstitutionally But i was a bit intimidated actually When i first sent off my mo just found the contact full. Her on did a google. Search and i sent off. This is the ethan like to speak to her When she got back to me I was a little bit like. Oh i've actually got to follow up on this now because You know it can be quite intimidating to speak to somebody who is clearly very bright Kohl's out any unfairness has a good sense of justice And really used all those skills for good You know everybody acts upon those impulses. Everybody is good at standing on their own. Be the only one. Cool something out. So i thought You know she got to be scary. Which actually kind of sheepish treatments. But i think maybe he's worth voicing. Because i think sometimes it's you know it's how you feel isn't it's your gut reaction to someone when the whip smart but actually she was completely lovely and warm and Brin explaining her motivation for wanting to do things like take the government's courts Which she was born of initially a sense of unfairness when she had her first baby twenty five and a first baby. A little girl had Special needs and gina founders of require alone and that sutter her sites. I have to fight for for my little girl is for the two of us now She razors a single mom and it was really defining and i think completely changed the course of her life as As is often the case if you have a baby specifically a baby that has extra challenges and maybe You need to be an extra voice. Them for the rest of their lives actually The rest of your life So yeah it was a pleasure to speak to gina and how brave she been and Thank you to you for is thank you gina for her her wisdom in her time and I'd be really interested to know what you think i felt like. I learned a lot from gina.

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