60: Horsing Around

Israel Story


Hey i mean she harmon and this is israel's story our episode today or seeing around over the next couple of episodes were going to tell the stories of two people whose lives barely intersect or overlap. In many ways they couldn't be more different ones a man. The other woman wants a jew the other muslim ones an israeli settler and the other is palestinian. They don't know each other and if they did they might well think of the other as an enemy but they both have at least one thing in common and that one thing is their love of horses like the neal invented the galil abdolnasser muslim kafka cobb dreams big every three when he breeds as mad. He imagines like world tomkins. He's twenty two years old still lives at home and has a trim black beard in a boyish smile. I'm looking always for the real arabian horse. White fort hood big is smooth nostrils pretty face. People criticize me. They say we can't put the saddle and a pretty face. I don't care you know. i'd like to good face. Abdul not series a horse breeder and he spends most of his time talking dreaming and breathing colts phillies mares and stallions cafa where ogden nassar in his family live is a palestinian neighborhood. Just south of our mala even though it's cut off from the rest of jerusalem by a wall and a checkpoint it's considered part of the city because of that cafa cobb is sort of a strange no-man's-land on the one hand it's part of jerusalem so it's supposedly service by the municipality but on the other hand it's on the palestinian side of the separation barrier so it really isn't in. The result is a lot of garbage everywhere poor sanitation overcrowding lack of regulation so when abdolnasser and his father hotmail decided to build stables on their property. No one told them they couldn't feel what the that's up deal. Nassar's mother nuha as ogden also was mature enough to interact talker share love in a in a visible way. His resignation with animal became visible as well. Mainly i spend my time with my horses more than my friends. When abdolnasser i started raising horses his parents were actually worried of the first day said This doesn't make sense. You're paying three thousand chickens for horse for a month. We didn't pay for you for school. you know. we're paying them now for the hours. They didn't believe their sons expensive new hobby would ever break even said we just way i'm going to have a good money from these sources said. Okay we're waiting waiting and for years. They all waited but from those modest stables up the lasserre is now reaching for a not so modest dream would love to be best arabian horse breeder in the world. Joel chupakhin the least coker. A filmmaker who made a beautiful documentary about abdolnasser brings us the story of abdel nasser's colts for centuries arabian horses. Were bred for their stamina and strength. They were central to arab bedouin. Life and used for transportation sports and in warfare. Horsemanship is a sport that is held in high esteem by at abs. In general it has been mentioned in the koran but today mainly raised for a very different purpose their show horses abdel nasser's entire life is centered around showing his horses competitions where they're judged on how closely they resemble the ideal arabian horse of the past. He's done pretty wealthy shows over. The years is even won some trophies here and there but so far all the horses he's shown have been female either young phillies or adult mayors and to be considered a serious breeder abdul. Nasser is going to need something else. Am male breeding horse. A stallion of his own in march twenty eighteen. He made a crucial first step towards his dream. When one of his mayors gave birth to a baby called gemmell of como or como for short off means perfect if think Or a preacher. That has has everything. It's also the title of a song by a famous dejection singer. We love giving our horses. The names of halim hafiz songs to abdolnasser comma was perfect. Russet brown with a pretty face a white stripe down his forehead and most importantly he was his first colt. Is i chance to raise a champion stallion. Two months later on the very same day at least began filming her documentary. Nassar's future got even brighter. His other mayor also gave birth another cult. The second call was born in the afternoon. In the middle of the month of ramadan wandering small his premature he was dark. Brown with a single splash of white. Just between the is the size of a dog with long wobbly legs and if thought com is i was perfect well as soon as he saw this new one but i saw the face. I said okay. This is my favorite host alex. I couldn't believe my eyes for his second cult was even more perfect but right away nassir sense that something was wrong was moving in strange monnet and the call didn't breastfeed you know so. That was a very bad sign. It was colic which without intervention is often fatal and in the west bank veterinary care is harder to come by especially during the month of ramadan. So don't call. Dr barack omron an israeli bat from benjamin. The looks like the call. The has constipation. the best animal hospitals in the region are within israel on the other side of the checkpoint given cooper strange status of being technically part of jerusalem abdolnasser kellyanne unlike most palestinians freely back and forth but he could have easily been stuck at the checkpoint for hours. A long line of idling

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