NBA Draft 2020: Making the case for Anthony Edwards as best player in the class, ahead of LaMelo Ball

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Who's going to be the better defender long-term lamelo or is it going to be anthony edwards or is that just like a such an easy question. Edwards has more tools. I think to be like a ball pressure guy. I think that he's he's he's more explosive athlete. I think lamelo ceiling. I think is like i said in this video that i just put out a alpeleg now on the rings youtube about lamelo. I think that his ceiling is like savvy team defender. That's positionally kind of just holds the line I don't really ever. He's not the kind of athlete that could be disruptive or correct mistakes. He doesn't really have the bill to be somebody that could You know take on a a sturdier player. He's he six seven. But i i don't see him taking on like a like a four three like jimmy butler. He's definitely not guarding like stronger wings. With warning them. I think that edwards has a lot more flexibility on that front but then realistically right even a best case scenario these guys are probably two to three years away from playing defense right. You're asking a nineteen year old ball. Dahmer offensive player to learn how to play defense at the nba level in three years. From now. now you're like that's a long time to wait for candy. Angela get so weird spot to be in with the draft. I could just takes time for these young

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