Wilmington High School Back To Remote Learning After ‘Underage Drinking Party’ NW Of Boston


Busted and now high schools and several communities in Massachusetts or flipping the switch and going to an all online learning platform. For the next couple of weeks, the parties upset the proverbial apple cart and W B Z T. V's Tiffany Chan tells us Staying home is going to create its own issues. Wilmington High School joins Abington in Marblehead High and switching to form a learning for two weeks after police broke up house parties held over the weekend, Brown University's Dr Asheesh Cha says, while the spread of cove it is a concern keeping kids at home will not ensure that kids will stay healthy. And that may be more dangerous than if you brought students into the classroom was at least in the classroom. You know they'd be wearing mass in Wilmington, Police charged the homeowners for hosting an underage party with Alcohol after at least 25 teenagers were found indoors with no face masks on. Ultimately, responsibility has to fall to parents. You cannot have high schoolers having large parties rumors of parties at Bill Rika Memorial High School, but officials they're going to stick to hybrid learning for now and after an increase in coded cases Leaves a staff shortage. Milton High School goes fully remote, and that starts today

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