EP. 441 - Dr. Fit and Fabulous Jaime Seeman - burst 15


Many many weeks and many many months a lot of times. How how is it some of your patients that you work with? You know they're probably like I mean I, I've dealt with some people in the past that they barely even like protein sources like they barely even like any kind of meat. And it's like, Oh man I'm scratching my head I'm like I'm. Not even sure where to start. Those are difficult patients and I luckily have a lot of them but I do have some patients UNAI every single one of them says the texture thing like I can only eat chicken breasts and they don't like beef or fish or whatever it is that we figure out what proteins they can eat, and we kind of start there. I'm not opposed to adding in like way protein shakes either just it's it's. Just a lot quicker. So I, tell them that I'm like listen this isn't going to be a stay shady as eight actual chicken breasts, but it's a way that they could get some more protein in to their life and I just meet them where they're at and like okay. What will you eat

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