Spider-Man: Players & Pawns


So trying to remember was killed him off again. But again, you know again it's like cloning says like even if he is dead, is he gonNA be dead for Law. Well I mean you just speaking about hat kindred was bringing back bays main just add lend itself to the Bay Malls Warren rights I could be I gas although they're trying. They're playing kindred like he's supernatural so I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. It would be a little disappointing I. Think he was multiple. Yeah. speaking of miles we get to these issues. Let's do it a very different spectacular spider man he actually Oh. Yeah. gather suitable by. Like last issues, last episodes, issues this spectacular. Ninety five, and then the web will be from April Ninety. Five. A. Inmates Absences well of to mention the the couple of process. All fifty. US again, I mean Jay's its own if only I would today. Exactly. But set up but now back to back token rigs. Ben Raleigh Hence Bodman on the corner box just despite a man on this one, the the. The what we were talking about the one episode it's like some of the movies up movie theatres or cinemas on. That's what you say down there up here we. We call them it says Fiato's. They were I don't know if it was just a day or a week or something they were doing like old timey prices trying to get people to come back. Cove itself. That's what you're saying for like a week or a month. Why doesn't like Marvel or DC VOTE Nineties praises or something that would be cycle. I mean I wonder how that have. You ever picked up the true believer dala comics. I wonder how they go because if they go well, would they not try and extend a business model and ended things exactly as you say might be safe they released a few of the current issues as dollars how that would go on the I don't know how well they. Yeah I don't know how will they sell and they're all like reprints like back in the early two thousands I think I, remember like they would put out like the first issued a big like are they would put out like for like twenty five cents or something fitted something like that colleague Bruce Wayne murder or something yeah. But I'm just like you know for a month, put the books out on newsprint make sure more valuable taking the great and stuff. Yeah. -At's odd yet. I told him I I'm like I'm like that month their profits probably go up like two hundred percent or something. Rather than You know nothing. Nothing against rather than releasing an issue and releasing thirty eight variants to prop up a novice Just all look wait. We sold the most copies of this will. Of course, when you do about forty different on variance, how you're gonna get those those really passionate fans that will buy everything bump everything up. So exactly. The lower the price they know how to sell books lower the prices. Exactly Vilnai way way business moguls lower the price. Give us more. Men Back in Ra. Exactly. But Yeah Bach Fifty Books I wish. A buck as an adult or not a buck party so Less than. Half. Listen Hoffman. Crazy. Exactly. But yes. We. Get this image on the cover. He's not spider man he's not scarlet spider. Could this be the Real Peter? Parker?

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