Does The iPhone 12 Have A Secret Reverse Wireless Charging Feature?


Does the iphone twelve have a secret reverse wireless charging feature built into it that apple has failed to mention maybe the products that they went to take advantage of such a feature aren't ready yet quoting the Verge Apple's iphone twelve lineup has the ability to wirelessly charge external accessory according to a series of newly unveiled FCC filings that just went public yesterday the documents I spotted by Venture Beats Jeremy, Horowitz says, the phone quote supports built in. inductive charging transmitter and receiver and quote apple has not officially announced any such functionality that could be used to charge future air pods or apple's long rumored tile competitor dubbed Air Tags quote in addition to being able to be charged by a desktop W. P. T. wireless power transfer charger twenty, twenty iphone models also support W. P. T. charging function at three hundred and sixty kilohertz to charge accessories. One of the documents reads it sounds like the iphone. Twelve reverse wireless charging may be limited at least at first the documents say that quote currently, the only accessory that can be charged by iphones is an external potential apple accessory in future and that reverse charging currently quote only occurs when the phone is connected to in AC power outlet and quote the FCC's testing appears to have been conducted using only a wall charger and USB cable presumably the same usb to lightening cable bundled with each iphone. Twelve, it sounds like the technology is meant to allow you to reduce the amount of charging clutter on a night stand by for example, wirelessly charging a pair of air pods magnetically attached to an iphone that's plugged into the wall. However, this may change in the future as the document goes on to suggest quote future designs accessories may support true portable use condition with the host client pair able to be placed in a pocket or backpack and quote.

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