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To lose or you're going to stay the same and not be concerned about Tomorrow or the weekend or dedication. You know, that's what we give. That's the other thing that we talked about giving people the tools to keep the weight off, even going forward, and when you lose the weight and you feel great, and then the problem is you do other weight loss programs. And then there's no There's no maintenance. There's nothing. Nobody telling you what to dio. We literally tell you what to do. If your weight goes up, you gotta weigh yourself. Your weight goes up by £23. You know exactly what to do with that day to knock the weight back down, so it should never go outside of a £23 difference. A cz you as you go through life, and so when you have those tools, we give people at least 10 different ways to eat, which is really much more than that, because it's 10. It's breakfast, lunch and dinner, So there's some redundancy there, but it's literally 20 to 30 ways to eat. The same day your weight goes up by £2 to knock it back down, so

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