59: The Last Laugh

Israel Story


Just, in case you've lost track and if so don't worry you're definitely not alone. Israel is slowly exiting lockdown number two visually boomers bowl. And invinci-bull. Me Love Mescaline some experts warn that it's way too soon others say it's long overdue in honestly it's hard to know what to think or whom to believe. Meanwhile here on our show were also in the process emerging from Cova Land, which was the focus of the first half of our season. Last episode, we spent the entire hour with the dreamer and today now that we're all wide awake, we went out to the street in search of some much needed. Good Cheer. What makes you laugh these days? Well. Freestyle dancing living good book I'm reading seeing our baby developed and smiles and Strang to focus on those things. GROWNUPS with mustaches. What makes me left these days I guess only a man falling out of the banana, the old school stuff. Jokes. Can you tell one? Can you tell a joke coats field? I don't really know I don't love very much at the moment nothing nothing I don't remember the last time I left well, two thousand and twenty. If somebody loves I love. It's very simple. Hey I mean she harmon and this is Israel story our episode today. The last laugh. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, md who have ignition we have a liftoff. In Nineteen, seventy, seven, the famous golden records were launched into space upon voyager one and voyager two very white very very. Small had a to disturbances they contained to sort of time capsule. A message meant to introduce earth in humans to any extraterrestrial civilization that. Someday encounter them as the second that agenda off the United Nations I sent greetings behalf of the people of our planet. We step out of our solar system into the universe seeking only peace and friendship to teach if we are court upon to be taught. If we are fortunate a group led by Carl Sagan debated for almost a year what should go on the records they ended up including images, anatomical drawings, astronomical maps, mathematical definitions, technical diagrams, pictures in also, of course, a lot of south. Songs of Humpback, whales, crickets, and frogs, rain waves, musical mix tape ranging from Mozart. Chuck Berry. And spoken readings and fifty nine different human linkages. Or Ice, allude us at. Shalva. Children of planet earth shallow. US President Jimmy Carter added his own message in which he wrote. This is a present from a small distant worlds. A token of our sounds are science are images are music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours. That message in those records left our solar system more than fifteen years ago. There now billions of miles away the most distant man made objects in space, and they are as far as we know. Still waiting to be discovered. Have Dealers. My mom would say here at Israel's story were trying in a tiny tiny way to do something kind of similar to capture the essence of a country. We go all around Israel, hear stories, collect tape, and then send it out on the Internet and over radio waves for people around the world to hear. But our story today is about an Israeli aiming much higher someone who's trying to capture the essence of humanity in much like Sagan send it into outer space. So the story starts to follow. It was Sunday evening I was in my studio with a very close friend guy and reading were tuning our producer Yoshi fields will take it from here. I'll give air has a Jerry Garcia beard long black curly hair noticeably broad shoulders he's spoken but also weirdly has a larger than life vibe and on that Sunday evening in two thousand, fourteen he and his friend guy were as says simply chilling. Then, his phone rang or good the contact on what? Was skype remember either way the men on the other end of the line was official sounding American who said my name's Jason. Jason done. Jason done. They all racked his brain but came up empty. He didn't think he knew any Jason Dunn's but Jason just plowed ahead with a bombshell message we're on a mission to represent what humanity does and what humanity is Jason said he worked for the national, aeronautics, and Space Administration otherwise known as NASA. Remember turning with my chair back to guy. Looking. For Real Jason explained that he was one of the CO, founders of a new program called made in space that was exploring how humans might one day live in outer space as a very first step they concluded we'd need to be able to manufacture things out there. So Jason and his team had recently installed a three D. Printer. On the International Space Station, we're already printing different objects mainly, very practical things for the astronauts to use tools and spare parts and upgrades to the spaceship and. All that kind of stuff, but it occurred to the maiden space team that if humans would ever actually call Nice space, they'd surely need and want more than just practical tools they'd want to create. One of the most fundamental things that humanity is is is our art. We need a way to capture that and that's what brought. Jason to call up, we wanNA commission art piece. Yeah. They wanted a all a relatively unknown artists from Tel Aviv to do something no one had ever done before. To make a first art piece that would be manufactured in Space Jason sounded serious and competent enough that I always pretty sure this wasn't a joke but still he could barely believe what he was hearing. They were asking him to become the first artist who produce piece of in-space literally fabricated in space. Now, as you're about to hear many unusual things had happened to a all over the years but this a personal call from NASA offering him to be a space pioneer was a I even for him it was one of those. Moments And I said, absolutely.

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