Making The Best of That 3-Legged Chair In Your Mind...Thoughts, It's All About Context

The Virtual Couch


Okay. So have you ever felt like your, I don't know broken something's wrong with you. Why do I keep thinking things that I'm thinking will by the end of today's episode I really want to convince you that nothing's wrong with you and we're going to go super deep geeky psychology today you're gonNA learn all about functional contextual that and so much more coming up on this episode of the virtual couch. Thank you for tuning into episode two, hundred and thirty of the virtual couch. I am your host, Tony Overby I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist certified mindful coach writer Speaker as a father of four ultra marathon runner in creator of the path back, and it is the all new brand new reboot path back two point Oh if you have not been there for a while if you've been thinking about. Putting pornography behind you once and for all in his still being done in a straight based, hold the shame become the person you always wanted to be way just head over to path back recovery DOT com. There is an all new e book five myths that people make when trying to overcome pornography that doesn't make sense does it they're five myths five missed to be overcome five Mr Misunderstood as a Matter of fact, that is all the more reason I would highly recommend you go to passback recovery dot com and see see what the title of that e book actually is but I have already been doing some pretty exciting things with the new path back recovery program including including a weekly question and answer call. So if

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