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Crystal. I'm so excited to have you on. We can't believe I'm talking to you. This is great. Welcome to the show. Thanks Richard we're happy to be here. We think everybody needs a new level of visger leadership. So world leader to be. I gotTA. Tell you come at a right time. I consider myself a fairly positive guy and I love asking questions. It's huge and let me just say there's two things people have asked me on this podcast is eight years old. And some people when the questions I get asked all the times like well, how did you get these people to come on the show and I said I don't mean to some flippant but I just asked and it's amazing how you know sometimes the big names and Mueller, how'd you get the? It must be impossible I. said you know what I just ask them an honest I didn't know fluff I just straight ask him and it's amazing. How many people? That's a big lesson for me from being entrepreneurial starting this show. So this is why I think your book is so great and I'm a firm believer but I gotta be reminded myself. I I have I have been. As we all are in challenging situations but reading your book, and of course, your stuff is so inspirational in. So powerful, it's been personally for me. Your your work has been meaningful for many years. So it's it's an honor to have you on the show. Well. Let's talk about that the. Why do you think book? So important now I mean you were talking Chris before the recording ethos. This book was so relevant for the time. Why do you think that is? What would happen is that we've traveled like you a lot got. You know 'cause you're with American three, million miles on my little button airlines ceased. deadheading. Yeah I'm as we traveled to eighty countries and talk to seven million people what we discover as a wonderful people, smart people, professional people, likeable people but the difference Richard between not cut it, and they'll do don is one thing on only and while you're saying it seems easy most. Key to their destination, and that's why we did the book title ask Exclamation Mark The bridge from your dreams your destiny. We think it's one of the best cupboard ever and a rhythm twin twelve books some pretty and this one's will the happily books but it is is amazing to me that that team impossible that somebody didn't do the laughed somebody didn't try to go deep by what we did is. When. We're doing self exploration. We said look when we've had a problem, the way we got out of it every time we asked our way out in in what we did is we do the full research at the universities of Stanford Harvard Cambridge and they said asked is as revelatory in an illuminating and we interviewed twice a thick asks for it just unfolded as one more extraordinary glorious projects. My Life I'm thankful there's a landing in bottle or a second time. As so awesome I. mean the power of asking the right questions and how we do it and I love how you go into I really would like to go into the the seven roadblocks because. So many of those resonate with me and even fighting myself even recently you know like. How I reframe the question. So where do we WANT TO START I? Mean there's so much. We want to dive into what do you think is a good place to start in in diving into this material right? Well, I think you know. Want to start out as as children because when we come into the, World Richard were all born with innate ability to just ask in is such a beautiful thing and it's a thing that serves our growth exponentially everyday. We come in got to know who, where, when, what, how, and we also WANNA ask for more more more constantly right children are unashamed in there asking. And then starts to happen. You know whether it's the way we were parented away. What happened school our jobs and just basic life rejection that beautiful ability to ask crushed out of. US. Yeah. Start to feel almost ashamed that we don't have all the answers we feel ashamed to admit that we don't have answer. So we just stay quiet You know we feel like posing on someone or were afraid of rejection and so instead of asking which opens every avenue we just we stop and we stay stuck in whatever situation wherein and it's just it's really south our goal is to wake up. That beautiful spirit of asking that we were all born, right

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