SpaceX Starlink to go South for first time with planned deployment in Texas, west of Dallas


Spacex well, space starling to go south for the first time with planned deployment. In Texas, starlings first southern deployment focuses on students who lack home. Internet. They've agreed to provide service to forty five families in Texas School District and early twenty, twenty one and additional ninety families. Later on the school districts announced last week the announcement by Actor County Independent School district in Odessa Texas said, it will be the first school district he lay spacex satellites provide Internet for students. The project will initially provide free Internet service to forty five families and pleasant farms area of Sec south actor county as a network capabilities continue to grow expand his servant additional ninety actor county families. So, Early Twenty twenty, one total cost of three, hundred, thousand dollars, half of which is being provided by chiefs for Change and nonprofit group or school district leaders according to the deaths American families are selected. We'll get to Internet service free for one year. It's not clear whether any of the money's going to spacex the school district has some causes it plans to identify the families will get the service and facilitate delivery of necessary equipment to those homes. There's no other word and southern US locations yet nothing on northern US locations either. Because you know they said some time this twenty twenty, we would start seeing Beta in the northern part of the United States. and. Southern Canada. But They've got six hundred satellites up but nothing yet I've got no new notifications from Starlink.

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