Close to 800. Voting locations


People are already used to screaming at stadiums. What a great place to be able to come and Make a statement and have your voice heard. Ella County Registrar Dean Logan says 30 voting booths will be set up inside Bank of California Stadium for people to cast votes starting October 30th. So this is one of what will be close to 800. Voting locations that are open throughout the county. 130 of those voting centers will open this weekend and voters have already turned in close to a million and a half ballots. That means that we're close to 25% voter turnout. Already in this election at the Bank of California Stadium. Chris and Carl Okay, fine news this apart. Brought to you by Mike Diamond. The smell good plumber. The Dodgers have taken the lead in the world. Siri's After winning Game three against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Dodgers were able to keep a strongly throughout the game and 162 to the teams will face off in Game four tomorrow at 5 P.m.. Acting Huntington Beach Police Department chief Kelly Rodriguez says she's going to retire in a few weeks because of what she calls an unhealthy level of divisiveness in the community. California Senator Dianne Feinstein has called on the ELISA Canyon gas storage facility to close Feinstein made the statement today on the fifth anniversary of the massive gas leak that forced more than 800,000 homes in Porter Ranch to be evacuated. More than 100,000 tons of methane were admitted into the air before the leak was plugged

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