Protesters confront police over Washington, DC moped death


Second night of protest turned into clashes with police after Friday's death of 20 year old Koran, Hilton, and the protest last night were more widespread than the ones on Tuesday night. D C. Police say that Hilton was killed when the electric mope Ed he was riding crashed as officers attempted to stop him for riding without a helmet on a sidewalk. Several police officers were injured, and there were several arrests. My witnesses say protesters threw fireworks at police standing guard in front of the fourth District Police headquarters. Police then forced the crowd back, pushing them down Georgia Avenue, where some businesses suffered. Damage on the protest march to police headquarters was led by the mother of Koran, Hilton. Demonstrators, including 19, year old collie Brown blame police for the man's death and what I think happened. I know what happened. They chased the D. C. Police are continuing to investigate the crash in northwest DC, particularly on O w. T o P news body camera video from D C officers who tried to stop Koran Hilton on his moped just before that deadly crash. Show that police may have indeed been chasing the man. That information comes from two city officials who spoke to the Washington Post body camera video is expected to be made public later today. Officers in the district are not allowed to pursue vehicles involved in traffic infractions.

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