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On Tuesday that three more players into additional staffers have tested positive for Corona virus and Saturday. That's now 27 people within the football program that Tested positive the big 10, saying the game will not be rescheduled. Traffic on the fives met Bear All right, Northwest side, her north bound for 65 still bottled up any 6 365 because of this crash, taking the left late in a 65. It's a multiple vehicle crash. Lots of people. Got tied up in this one. And the delay is pretty bad right now covered in North bound 60 by planning to peel off a 38 3 Kessler Boulevard there, working on the concrete there There was a buckle in the concrete knocked out several vehicles. There. There. One techno was a real mess, and now they're fixing the concrete. So watch out for the crews who are out there fixing things up Traffic sponsored by Insp. AIR Ity HR. That makes a difference in spirited, providing employee benefits. HR technology payroll. And scalable HR services for more than 34 years in Sparrow, th R that makes a difference. I met pair with traffic on introducing touch free payments from papal a safe way. If your customers to pay simply download the papal app and display your own unique you are code for your customers to scan whether

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