Chris Cal Dearie, Supreme Court And Joe Biden discussed on America First


In Washington state and sell the college political science professor Chris Cal Dearie says he would favour Joe Biden and several out static states, including Pennsylvania. The remaining votes continue to look like the late the votes have been counted. Towards the end of accounting period in these states. That probably ends up with narrow Biden victories in enough to get him to 270. Calgary says President Trump can threaten to go to the Supreme Court, but that would not stop. Be the first stop on a legal challenge. You need to have a pretext for a lawsuit. In one of these states, you would need to work your way through a state court system and then go to the Supreme Court on And as we saw 20 years ago in Bush v. Gore in Florida. You know that you know, is a That's a lot of steps on the way to the Supreme Court says it's hard to say when the country will officially know the results. Democrats face increasingly long odds in the battle for Senate control. Republicans have brushed back multiple challengers to protect their majority. In Michigan Democrats have been spared a loss, with Senator Gary Peters beating back a tough challenges

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