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Committee today, saying that I have the integrity to act consistently with my oath and apply the law as the love to approach the A and every other statute without bias, and I have not made any commitments or deals or Anything like that. I'm not here on a mission to destroy the affordable care act. I'm just here to apply the law and adhere to the rule of law. Those assurances were not enough for the Democrats such as Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, he says Trump and Republicans have put barrettes integrity at issue through their statements such as Trump's comments about needing a Knights justice to deal with a possible election challenge. The president has said that he's putting you on the court as a knight justice so you can decide the election has been very clear and transparent, and the American people are not dumb. They're watching and they're listening. And if you were to sit on this case, if it goes to this Supreme Court of the American people will lose faith and trust in the court itself. It would be a dagger at the heart of the court and our democracy. If this Election is decided by the court rather than the American voters. Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar raised the heated issue of what Democrats call a rushed process to fill a court vacancy. Just weeks before the election. She was one of several Democrats who said This is not normal. We should be doing something else right now. We shouldn't be doing this way should be passing Krone virus relief like the house just did. It was a significant bill. That would have been a big help, and I think people have to know that right now. She pointed out that people have already cast vote in 40 states. I think something like nine million votes have been cast. Do you think it is faithful to our democratic principles to fill a Supreme Court vacancy? This close to an election when people are still voting, Senator Klobuchar I think that is a question for the political branches. Okay, um That that's the right answer in that way. The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to continue its hearing into the evening with two more days of hearings to continue this week. Reporting for Pacifica Radio News KPFK. I'm Christopher Martinez. Last week, the House Natural Resource is committee held a hearing on the impact of climate change on Alaska and the Arctic region. Keep your face Daniel. Witty reports House natural resource is committee held a virtual hearing regarding the melting of sea ice. California Congressman Alan Lowenthal says melting sea ice is having a big impact on wildlife populations in the Arctic. And that's impacting local indigenous communities. He said. The Trump administration's energy policies are making things worse, disappearing sea ice and raise temperatures. Are affecting whales, caribou and other animals that many villages depend upon for their food supply. And for their way of life. Thes impacts would be devastating enough yet the Trump administration continues to make things worse. By pushing for more exploitation of Alaska for its oil and gas resource is. Lowenthal also said that climate change has damaged entire native villages and communities. He says that the North Slope of Alaska is where some of the most fragile ecosystems are located. According to Lowenthal, the Trump administration's new plan for petroleum production would make six million acres of land available for leasing. Last year, the Democratic controlled House. Past California congressman are 11 46, which would ban oil drilling on the coastal plain in Alaska, Huffman said. Damage resulting from oil and gas drilling and the Arctic is irreversible, He said oil drilling is a big greenhouse gas producer. Huffman said. Climate change is severely impacting the Alaskan fishing industry. Over half of US fish are caught with an average wholesale value of nearly $4.5 billion a year in this region in Alaska fisheries are facing In climate related charm, ful, algal blooms and rising temperatures that are changing the distribution and the abundance of fish. Salmon are especially high risk because their life cycle which requires time in the ocean and also inland freshwater ecosystems, so they have you Make challenges. Because of melting ice. Fishermen and hunters are being forced to travel much farther to make their catch is also, they say the melting ice is making it more difficult and dangerous to travel by snowmobile and other vehicles. Fishermen and hunters also say They're facing shorter fishing and hunting season's due to climate change. Rosemary Katanga Warrick is an Alaskan native from new exit. She says she has had a lot of trouble dealing with melting ice recently. Ah, a few years ago, I broke through the ice and the day I built 27 other people broke through as we were taking our fishnets. Never before had we had stories of elders breaking through. Two men elders Through the same day I broke through our traditional stories had changed. What we're supposed to have happened with the freezing of the ice and becoming our natural highway and transportation route was not happening. Categoric says more and more sick fish are turning up in her catches. Local natives say the Trump administration has been eyeing native land for fossil fuel exploration. And exploitation. Experts say ice summers in the Alaskan north plane could disappear in the next

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