Democrats have said this for a long time,


One more just not show up on the Democrats didn't show up Then, you know, But don't you kind of feel like this thing is a done deal. All right now we're just trying to get our shots in. Um and it seems to me the Democrats have said this for a long time, and I agree with him. There's so much else that we need to deal with. Right now. This pandemic being front center and obviously you know other social issues that surround that, including the recession, which is Damn near closer to a depression. You know the old saying that the recession is when your neighbor loses a job, and it's a depression. When youse years I get that feeling, you know that, you know, T your point about there's so much else to talk about, including health care. That's why this nomination is so important because on November somewhere in November if she were to take a tour of the beginning right after the election They're going to hear this a be affordable care act. So her decision on that to say, Well, now it's my constitutional and we throw it out. You know, the

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