Texas counties still limited to one ballot drop-off spot for now, court says


The battle of boxes were in the news this weekend, right here in the state of Texas as thie ongoing court battle continues this weekend over how many of these valid boxes per county Should be available. For mail in ballots. Historically, we've had one Ballot box per county. For those mail in ballots. And now it appears this case is going to continue. On and on because As it stands now. A federal judge has barred enforcement of governor Abbot's directive. That would limit counties to just one mail in ballot drop off location. So that happened at the beginning of the weekend. Then yesterday. Ruling was blocked by an appeals court. Late yesterday afternoon. That appeals court granted a temporary stay. That Let's stand Governor Abbot's one box per county directive. The court gave the attorneys of posing governor Abbot's order. Until tomorrow to respond. So all this And then a three judge. Appeals panel is going to decide whether additional ballot boxes Can be used. Or not. So as it stands right now Travis County will continue accepting completed mail in ballots at one location. That's a 55 01 Airport Boulevard. That's Monday through Friday. The weekend hours are set to begin next Saturday. Travis County clerk a Dana Day, Beauvois said yesterday morning. Quote. We're not optimistic. That the fifth Circuit will do the right thing, But if they give me any room at all, I will reopen the downtown sites. As fast as possible. So as it stands right now limitation on the number of ballot drop off locations in Texas. Will stay in place. I'm just throwing this in. Because it's somewhat related. To the previous stories I was talking about, but there's certainly not implying There's any chick a nunnery going on here. There's a tradition in the state of Texas that it was one Mail in ballot drop off location per county. That's the way it's been. That's what Governor Abbott says it needs to be going forward. And now this is going back and forth. In the courts. Where will it end up? Will it end up in the Supreme Court? Before Election Day Election day just over three weeks away, right

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