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Use. Radio 7 40 are H. Houston live everywhere with now the latest news, weather and traffic from the gallery furniture made in America Studios. Yet another court ruling on ballot drop offs. I'm John mostly down a one o'clock on NewsRadio, 7 40 Katie rates, traffic and weather together. Here is Katie London. Ares weekend construction scheduled on the Southwest Freeway, of course weather contingent that's going to be just outside the loop. The South down main lanes of 69 closed from West Park to Bel Air, and that's expected until Sunday at 5 A.m. Saturday. Things could be problematic if you're going to Stafford or certainly, and you might take the West Loop south to Bissonnette. It's gonna get you closer to the Beltway, where it reconnects there with rays would to the Southwest Freeway where you could just use the frontage Road and Katie London from the Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 hour traffic center north winds taken over into the weekend and a drop to the humidity here for the top of the weekend, finishing a business with a cold front marching in from the North. And it looks like the thunderstorms march on by

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