South Carolina vs. LSU Football Preview


Certainly one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the day tomorrow night in Baton Rouge between South Carolina and Lsu. Castaneda joining us from down there Quin. Thank you very very much. Appreciate the time, and it looks like a weather. Is An issue for what's going on down there right now? Well, just for the moment I'm across the street Tiger Stadium's to my left in their facility straight across the street I'm about to record up and advancer for tomorrow and had a little lightening. got. Dark severe winds and pouring but you can see the nicer weather up on the horizon. So things should be back to normal about ten minutes. We'll good because. That is a place that doesn't need Louisiana does not need any more bad weather. Quinn let's talk a little bit before we get to the game just about your job this year it's different I'm sure. A lot of zoom calls a lot of unusual situations caused by the pandemic. How would you describe the the obvious difference between this and every other year you've been on the sidelines for ESPN and ABC. Well, it's taken a lot of the fun out of it taken a lot of the things that I enjoyed get on campus to meet with the coaches to talk to the strength coaches just to get a vibe for how that team's doing and you learn so much whether it's Roman down the hallway and talking to a tight ends coach or bumping into a recruiting intern about video, they just paint so so that. Part of my investigation is is far less exciting. This year there's no social aspects in terms of our TV crew, our TV team so it's just zooms and when I'm on the road I'm the only one here are our broadcast crew will will broadcast this from Bristol. I'm the only one here. So I kind of treat this like I'm a spy, I don't touch anything I talked to strangers and I couldn't. quit. There's always a challenge on the sidelines especially. When there is weather but is it any or how different is it i? Guess I'm trying to ask dealing with the crew. Fifteen hundred miles away or maybe longer or farther right upstairs nothing you can see them but you at least know that they were seeing the same thing you're seeing. Yeah there's a little bit of a time delay in the audio so it can be anywhere from two seconds four seconds. So I've been on a crew with Jason Bonetti and Rod Gilmore. The last couple years Mike spent hot the whole game this year I've changed crews almost every week, and because we're doing it remotely. They can't have my mic on because we'd be talking over each other. So we do it old school and I'll talk to the producer I talked back and say, Hey, after the third down, play I wanNA talk about upon her coming out for hey, if they make a first down here I want to talk about how they're tight ends doing a great job so. Do it old school and go through the go through the producer in the in the remote truck. In order in order to get on air whereas in the past I could just talk and we were seamless. Clean on the sidelines I mean to say the least there are restrictions what are they and how much do you have to tiptoe around? It's really not bad. I mean we won I. Did a game not they actually made me call the game from the stands in the front row was good seat but I really couldn't get a feel for what was going on on the benches since then they've just widened appalled widen areas it's actually easier now because there's less hangers on, there's less alums, there's less NFL scouts until the sidelines are vacant and it makes my job a lot easier. I also feel pretty secure in that the players and coaches have all been tested recently as recently as Friday or Saturday morning. So I, feel good in that regard So it's actually almost easier less fans less crowds more space. Speaking of testing. How often do you have to be tested? we test once a week it's either an ad home test, and then you mail it in test results come back in about thirty six hours or it's an onsite tasks on a Thursday afternoon then you quarantine. And then Friday, they released you so so far knock on wood six for six negative tests. That would be Kinda. Nerve wracking you show up at a game and you have to sweat it out and you hope you don't get a a Nick Sabin positive. Let's talk about the game because. It's a really interesting game. Let's start with South Carolina just your. As I know you do gather as much information as you can you probably would like to. Be Able to gather more in person but. Your impressions of what you've seen to them and and what you expect. Well they beat Auburn as you know, and they got the three turnovers and converted those in touchdowns. My issue was South Carolina's they're operating an offense with very limited downfield wide receiver threats shy Smith is a natural slot receiver. Colin Hill is is working Mike, Lobos offense efficiently and their offensive line in running backs or carrying the day. Okay. That's with this team is I'm not sure they're ever going to be a high scoring team defensively they're really good corners who can shut you down they add to the box so. I think South Carolina given that Lsu has a freshman quarterback. I'm leaning towards them having some success defensively in this ball game. So I kinda like Carolina's ability to negate lsu with a freshman quarterback but Carolina's physical they're tough. They're not nothing flashy about him and I think big plays are hard for them I. Think they have to manufacture find ways to manufacturer big plays but I think this team is definitely moving in the right direction I. Think they've improved each week. And the other side of that you alluded to the quarterback situation team that has struggled mightily on defense quarterback play has been pretty good I. Know I know it's impossible to gauge because we don't really have a lot of information but. What have you what have you been able to learn about where they are right now? Yet, teach gets the start a freshman Ponchatoula high school. He's gigantic six, six, two, hundred and forty two pounds nets down from to sixty s a big toll righty and you watch his high school tapes just drops in the pocket and he conflict the ball and it goes forty yards without him even trying he seems like he's calm. He's Louisiana product of this dream for him the ADRENALIN will be running. Also expect to see, Max? Johnson. The son of NFL, quarterback Brad Johnson a lefty also tall but more of a dual threat and when you think about calling the game around a freshman quarterback making his first start, you know any kind of run game would be beneficial and to put the quarterback in successful positions. Early in the game, get him hit but but get a couple first downs give him some easy throws and I think that'll be on the mind of lsu going to be a little more conservative game plan I'd. Imagine. You know he's got targets downfield terrace Marshall their running game I thought was anemic Missouri game that was the most disappointing part of the game in my eyes Missouri was without three defensive tackles in that game and Lsu had no running game whatsoever good news for the Tigers to get Ed Ingram back at left guard. But this is an offense through the air with Miles Brennan that's been outstanding. But now you've got a new freshman quarterback. So expectations drop again, I'm seeing a little bit more of a lower scoring game here. In Clinton's you've seen them. The. Biggest used on defense. Would give. Horrible And coach today sentence embarrassing. Alignment. Very, often they're they're moving at a snap making checks that is when the coverage changes on the fly because of emotion because of formation change that has been a dismal day of given up big play after big play against Mississippi State, it was more catching and run the air raid defense was was atrocious quite honestly continued to play man defense got shredded by crossing patterns but I was at the Mizzou game and That game was defined by busts. I mean just blatant bus where I got him. No you got to I got you got him guys wide open touchdown in the running game. Their linebackers are not playing physical. They're not playing north not playing north. They're not getting to the line of scrimmage and engaging blockers to waiting for runners they're missing tackles remember the tyler beatty runs Missouri fiscally untouched broke attack Lens. Gone So. Those are the headlines here new quarterbacks for Lsu and a defense that has had no answers.

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