White House chief of staff: ‘We are not going to control the pandemic'


To defeat it. I'm Ham who? So Fox News, But White House Chief of staff Mark Meadows acknowledges that the Trump administration can't stop the spread of the Corona virus and is focusing instead on getting a vaccine. This after reports that five people who work with Vice President Mike Pence have tested positive. Vice presidential staffers diagnosed include Pence's chief of staff mark Short on Cbsface the nation. National Security adviser Robert O'Brien says the vice president is not a spreading risk. I think he's taken all the precautions and my understanding is he's tested negative as well as as the second lady, O'Brien says. Efforts continue to fight the virus, but there is no guaranteed remedy yet. Mask want Doolittle Alone, more ventilators won't do it alone. What will is a vaccine and we're on track have a vaccine for Americans in less than a year. The president has promised a vaccine by year's end. But many scientists disagree with that timeline,

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