Americans go to the polls as bruising campaign ends


Americans are getting out the vote at the polls today with reported long lines earlier and owning Sze, Maryland and in parts of Philadelphia, the battleground state. They also started processing all those mail in ballots. ABC is Mark Millar isn't filled. It was an early rush here at the Museum of the American Revolution, which has been turned into a polling place this year, so very busy to start. Things have calmed down a great deal. Now Leah blew. It is the judge of elections for Award five division to here in historic Philadelphia, and she says they're seeing less pressure here at the polls do to hire mail in voting. More than half of our voters in our division had already voted by mail in ballot, she says. If voters have mail in ballots still, they can take them to a secure drop box or come to their polling location to spoil that ballot and instead vote in person.

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