Episode 56 How to Run a Black Friday Special that Works


That so now you're increasing the average order value we call that avio in marketing terms the average order value the price of what they're spending each time they come in so yeah so that's another way of looking at it so they're buying so technically in a way you could look at it as you were giving them a fifty dollars gift card and that would be like a discount however it's not the same in terms of your books and it's not the same in terms of growing business if you see that now i have some twists in variations on that of some really clever ways to do this but i'm not going to give those away right now okay. Yeah i'm glad that was helpful for you. Here's some things about what not to do. So the first thing is don't miss out on this opportunity. I think that when you look at how much money can be made in these little opportunities all of these little opportunities. Add up just like i said before you do of black friday special and maybe it doesn't go as well as you planned. You can offer it again on cyber monday with a little bit of a twist to offer the same thing thing so offer. It's a slight variation of that or try. Something new you could try that again. In the holidays you could then also then into a seasonal special if it does well if it's well-received maybe it's something that you do as your anniversary sale moving forward right so the date the to open your business. You could do it as a special run it again as a special during valentine's day mother's day so you are testing promotions to see how well they're received so it's worth the time so. Don't underestimate the power of it. The next thing i wanna tell you is. Don't just halfway do it. Just like i said before. If you're gonna do it you need to take the time and you can always tweet and make it better. So don't get second making it perfect and feel like. Oh it's not perfect. I can't put it out there because we're always testing. We're always trying right and you want to also make sure that you give yourself time like this is a good time. Even at starting next week gives yourself you know gives you two weeks to get something out there and really promote it next two weeks because you do want to promote it so we talked about the back and ripple effect of the client continuing to come in. We also want to talk about that each time. The client comes in not only. Are you building that connection with them and of course every time you build a connection with them the more likely they are to talk about you with a friend right and for you to get referrals but this is also a great chance for you to introduce a referral card is what i like or a referral system with a client. So each time they. They're coming in. It gives them a chance to get another check mark on that referral card kind of like a frequent buyer type of card and it gives them incentives to continue to interact with your business. Maybe they post that they do a check in that they were at your business location on social media or they do a post about your business on social media and they get another check mark on that frequent buyer or that promotional card so these are ways that we can continue to build that relationship with the client so again. It's not just getting that initial stale from the client it's all the ripple effects the other thing is every time that client comes in. It's a great time to get a testimonial from them right. So maybe the last time they were in you forgot to get a little video testimonial and now they're coming back in for their follow up or they're coming back into by a gift card you could say hey. Do you have a minute for me to record a quick video talking about the benefits of having your eyebrows done or talking about the benefits of glowing. Skin right so you're able to catch another testimonial from so you see how these are ripple effects to continue to build your business every time you have an interaction with a client it is building your business really want you to let that soak in. Okay talk about this on all social media platforms and you could even run a contest promoting your promotion kind of medicare but you could run a contest for. Maybe somebody gets a giveaway of the special promotion that you're doing if they're promoting it right so there's lots of ways you can do this.

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