Episode 56 How to Run a Black Friday Special that Works


And i'm also a marketing strategist for beady professionals. Like yourself at want to increase your income an impact. And i do that through teaching you how to market your business think about i know that twenty twenty has been a worldwide and of a year. I know it's such an understatement to say that but if the years not over and that could be bad news that could be good news but we want to think about our business and we want to look at ways that we can generate money an income and you know a lot of people when they look at their overall money that they made in their business. This is the busy season for beauty businesses. Right we have even with covert and there's still a lot of clients at our point to to come in. There might not be as many holiday parties this year. But they're still reasons that people want to look their best so when we look at black friday. Black friday actually started in the nineteen sixties when retailers retailers made. Most of their money during this time they would go into the black and so this is where black friday came about and so this is a time when we know that people spend thirty percent more during the holidays. That's a real statistic. People spend thirty percent more during the holidays. It's something in the air. If they're buying for other people are buying for themselves as well now. We also have cyber monday. Cyber monday came about in two thousand and five and then in the middle of that is small business saturday. So there's plenty of ways to actually promote your business and even if you don't do these holidays and have promotions. There's just a general holiday promotion that you could have okay so the question is have you run a black friday or cyber monday or any type of promotion like that in the past. Have you done that and my other question is. Are you planning on running one this year. I i just wanna talk about the pros and cons just like we said. It's the biggest time of the year for spending. And here's the thing. I think especially with this year with cova nineteen and everything that's happening. There's going to be more online spending so having those specials online having it on your website or even if you don't have a website having on your social media is important because people their attention is going to be as we know their attention has been online more than ever so having something set up really can help your business and help you reach those goals that you had at the beginning of the year. That maybe you just fell short because your business was closed. This is a time that you can really do it. So let me give you some crows because people say you know why bother okay. Well the first thing is brand awareness anytime you have a promotion. The purpose of the promotion is to promote it right. So you show up more right. You cannot sell a secret. So what are the key things about that. Is you have to show up more and that forces you even though you feel like i don't know i don't want to bother people or i don't wanna be sales as it forces you to kind of get out there. Put your brand out there more. Okay so you get more overall brand awareness okay. The second thing is just like we said it will help you hit those goals and possibly depending how you set it up even have a reoccurring plan the thing. Is that if you run a great black friday special this year and you find a system that really works then. You can do that year after year after year right. Switch it up a little bit. But and the other great thing is this is a perfect time to try things to try specials that you weren't sure that you wanted to run in the past so because the idea of black friday is it's just one day maybe you do it the day before because that's kind of been a trend now even the day before the day after but it is you know it's one day so you can try out a special promotion and see how it resonates with people and if you don't get a lot of interest from it and you don't get a lot of buyers then you could try something different for cyber monday. You are inclined to put in the work. You can actually have two different promotions that you try came and then again. It's a repeatable thing right. So molly clip is elevate student of mine and she was saying that the strategies she learned in what i teach for the black friday promotions she was able to get nine new permanent makeup clients so those are usually around four hundred dollars so you know and three thousand six hundred dollars a did the math right or you know and then of course that's reoccurring because clients are going to continue to come back. She did that last year. And then she was able to use those same strategies during covid right each and sell and get. I can't remember. She said twelve or fourteen new clients in and should even done a black friday special so again. These are systems that you're going to create that is going to continue to bring in more money over and over and over again okay. So that's the key so it's not just sat front end but also thinking about the back end remember. The money is actually made on the back end when the client continues to buy from you all right so so we said i benefit obviously brand awareness.

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