Just by the Democrats. Compare that


That Democrats Just took pardon in trying to regain the Senate. So, as you know, the Senate is still up for grabs. I mean, I know that you're very positive about it. But regardless, there's there's going to be a runoff election in Georgia more than likely, and we're just not going to know what the balance of the Senate is until probably January. In the meantime, though, Democrats poured money into Senate races that they thought they had a legitimate chance of winning. And they didn't not just win. But they lost by a lot, even despite the pollsters projections, So for example, down there in South Carolina, my future home Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham was projected to either lose by a little bit or possibly a lot, but he was it was not looking good for Lindsey Graham because so much out of state money came into South Carolina for Jamie Harrison to try to beat Lindsay Ah 100, almost $101 million. $101 million was poured into that race just by the Democrats. Compare that to 68 million put into the race by Lindsay and Republicans and you know that's we're talking total $178 million on that Senate race,

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